Safety is our top priority throughout all Park operations and in addition to the initiatives detailed in the preceding pages, we take an extensive range of safety measures in security, first-aid and disaster response with the aim of providing our guests with safe and enjoyable experiences.

We have a security system in place outside our Theme Parks, including patrols in the vicinity of our hotels and JR Maihama Station.
We also issue manuals that instruct employees on how to take prompt actions in the event of an earthquake or other emergency. Employees are also provided with rigorous training including emergency drills at each facility.

Actions and Performances

Security / First Aid / Emergency Response

Tokyo Disney Resort


Initiative examples


  • Patrols conducted across entire Theme Parks
  • Security checks performed at entrances using security devices
  • Security system established in collaboration with the police and administrative authorities
  • Information gathered and training offered on crime prevention and security

First Aid

  • First-aid stations installed
  • First-aid care provided by first-aid cast members to the sick and injured
  • Handing over the sick or injured to ambulance workers (in emergencies)
  • Automated external defibrillators (AEDs) installed
  • First-aid training offered

Emergency Response

  • Emergency response operations team staffed with certified experts at the ready
  • 24-hour monitoring performed by Central Monitoring Center
  • Inspection of day-to-day fire prevention management
  • Information gathered from administrative authorities and outside experts
  • Emergency education and drills
Security devices used at entrances
Security devices used at entrances

Tackling Fire Risks


In the event of a fire, the Central Monitoring Center will request immediate dispatch of firefighting units via its direct hotline to fire departments while our firefighting team will take initial measures to put out any fires. Tokyo Disney Resort is equipped with a fire truck so we may engage in first response firefighting activity when necessary. To be prepared to provide evacuation guidance and extinguish fires in order to maintain guests’ safety, we are strengthening collaboration with the local fire department/station of Urayasu City.

Tackling Earthquake and Tsunami Risks

To be prepared for an earthquake occurring in the capital area, a Nankai Trough earthquake, or other large-scale earthquakes that are expected to occur in the future, we have in place the Basic Plan of Earthquake Countermeasures, which describes our plans for supplies and materials as well as first-aid care. Based on the Basic Plan, we have also prepared a response manual indicating the action to be taken by each department. In the event of a large-scale earthquake, the Tokyo Disney Resort Earthquake Countermeasures Headquarters will be set up, with the President of Oriental Land Co., Ltd. as its director, to deal with the situation.
For stranded guests and employees, we have four days of emergency food supplies in stock, water, aluminum blankets, maps, and liquid baby formula.
With respect to a tsunami, we consider it to be safer to remain at the Theme Parks as both Tokyo Disneyland and Tokyo DisneySea are located roughly five meters above sea level. In the event of a tsunami, our procedure is to contact the Urayasu City authorities to check whether evacuation has been ordered, and take actions accordingly.


Supplies in stock
Supplies in stock


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