Policies on Compiling the Sustainability Report

The OLC Group’s policies on sustainability reporting is as follows.
This Sustainability Report exhaustively reports the Group’s sustainability activities under the framework of Policies and Regulations, Management Structures, and Actions and Performances. The information provided on the website and in the PDF format is the same.

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Financial information*

Non-financial information*

Integrated Report
Narrative quality

Integrating financial and non-financial perspectives, the Report contains our stories and strategies for creating happiness over the medium to long term.
Out of consideration for the environment, this integrated report will be published only as a PDF on our website.
Integrated Report

Sustainability Report

Presents comprehensive information on policies and regulations, systems, data, activities, and performance related to sustainability.
Download the Sustainability Report

Securities Report

Provides a comprehensive overview of our management, accounting, and corporate stocks, as well as an overview of our approach and initiatives regarding sustainability.
Securities Report

Corporate Governance Report

Presents the thinking and framework behind our corporate governance, the status of efforts to improve effectiveness, and other information.
(Japanese only)
Corporate Governance Report

Fact Book

In addition to business performance and financial conditions for the past six years or more, presents data related to our Theme Parks and industry trends.
Fact Book

*● indicates the main type of information.

Scope of the OLC Group Sustainability Report 2023

This report primarily covers corporate social responsibility initiatives undertaken by our Group. Instances where information is relevant to Oriental Land Co., Ltd. or to our Group entity will be indicated. All Tokyo Disney Resort sustainability efforts outlined in this report are conducted and managed by our Company in its capacity as owner/operator of Tokyo Disney Resort under license from Disney Enterprises Inc. The report places primary focus on introducing initiatives taken at our Theme Parks, whose net sales account for more than 80% of the entire net sales generated by our Group. Initiatives undertaken at facilities operated by our Group within Tokyo Disney Resort are noted as follows:

Scope and structure


Group-wide initiatives

The OLC Group or our Group

Oriental Land Co., Ltd. initiatives

Oriental Land Co., Ltd. or the Company

Tokyo Disney Resort® initiatives
 Tokyo Disneyland®
 Tokyo DisneySea®
 Disney Ambassador Hotel®
 Tokyo DisneySea Hotel MiraCosta®
 Tokyo Disneyland® Hotel
 Tokyo Disney Celebration Hotel®
 Tokyo Disney Resort Toy Story® Hotel
 Bon Voyage
 Disney Resort Line
 Maihama Amphitheater

Tokyo Disney Resort

Combined Tokyo Disneyland® and Tokyo DisneySea® initiatives 

Theme Parks 

Separate Tokyo Disneyland® and Tokyo DisneySea® initiatives 

Tokyo Disneyland
or Tokyo DisneySea 

*Certain companies within our Group are licensed by Disney Enterprises, Inc. to manage and operate Tokyo Disneyland, Tokyo DisneySea, the Disney Hotels and the Disney Resort Line. All of the Disney-branded sustainability activities outlined in this report are conducted and managed by Oriental Land Co., Ltd. in its capacity as owner/operator of Tokyo Disney Resort.


This report draws together the sustainability initiatives of our Group.
Information on CSR at The Walt Disney Company is available at the following location:

Time Frame for the OLC Group Sustainability Report 2023

The initiatives presented in this report are mainly applicable to our Group's FY 2022 (April 1, 2022 - March 31, 2023), although information is also provided on ongoing and special sustainability programs outside the fiscal year.

Publishing Cycle

October 2023


Previous publication: October 2022
Next scheduled publication: October 2024


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