The OLC Group discloses information for investors openly and accurately at appropriate timings. At the same time, the Group hosts a website where shareholders and investors can easily reach the information they seek, taking account of their various computing environments.

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Using the Search Box

Type keywords in the Search Box at the top of the page and click the Magnifier icon.
Pages containing the keywords are displayed as the search results.

About functions

Breadcrumb Navigation

The breadcrumb navigation displays the position of the currently displayed page in a hierarchical order.
Clicking an item within the navigation jumps to the relevant page.
This navigation is convenient to check the current page location or to quickly go back to a page in a higher layer.

RSS Feed

An RSS feed is a document in XML-based format used to provide newly updated contents. This website uses RSS feeds to deliver news releases.
Quick access to the up-to-date information can be gained by using a type of software known as an RSS feed reader or RSS-ready browsers. 
*The RSS feed service may be stopped or the RDF file URL may change due to system conditions. Use the RSS feed at your own risk.


The service may also be suspended without notice due to system maintenance or other reasons.
Please note that we do not accept inquiries concerning the RSS feed usage operations, as well as those concerning software and functions, such as RSS readers, provided by a third party.

Key to Data Icons

New Window
Opens a linked page in a new window.

Opens a PDF file.
Adobe Reader is require to view a PDF file.
The latest version is available at the following website.


Download Adobe Reader

Opens a compressed ZIP file. A ZIP file is used to download multiple documents at once.

The Excel file opens. It is used for downloading financial data.

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