Oriental Land Co., Ltd. (hereafter “the Company”) was established in 1960 for the purpose of contributing to the cultural life of the nation and the welfare of its citizens. “Aiming to create place where people can sing a never-ending hymn to humanity”—This has been our approach to business, shared among all employees when our company laid out the ground plan for Maihama. We seek to create a true culture of interpersonal understanding, where diverse people, regardless of age, gender or nationality, can interact, delight, laugh and be moved together, to the sound of their uplifted voices. Continuing to create and provide this wonderful world is our mission.


To this end, following land reclamation off the coast of Urayasu and negotiations to bring Disneyland to Japan, the Company opened Tokyo Disneyland in 1983 as the first Disney theme park to operate outside of the United States. Then, in 2001, the Company opened Tokyo DisneySea, the only Disney Park in the world themed on the sea. Around the same time, Disney hotels, a commercial facility and a monorail system were opened, transforming the Maihama area from a single theme park to a themed resort. We have continued to make ongoing investment in an effort to generate new moving experiences across the entire resort.


Tokyo Disney Resort celebrated its 40th anniversary in April 2023 with the anniversary event named Tokyo Disney Resort 40th Anniversary “Dream Go Round”, which was well received and resulted in record high sales and each profit. We would like to thank all of our stakeholders for their long-lasting support and assistance, which has enabled us to continue to operate and grow our business to this day, while being loved by many people, both in Japan and overseas.


And on June 6, at long last, Fantasy Springs opened as the eighth themed port at Tokyo DisneySea. Fantasy Springs will comprise areas inspired by three Disney films as well as the Tokyo DisneySea Fantasy Springs Hotel, the sixth Disney Hotel, offering guest rooms of the highest grade. Developed over approximately a decade, including the planning period, with investment of \320 billion, the project is the largest in scale undertaken since Tokyo DisneySea was opened. We are confident that our guests will be blissfully delighted with this vivid and story-filled world of Disney fantasy, the culmination of decades of developing and accumulating extensive experience and wisdom by our company and The Walt Disney Company. After June 6, at Tokyo Disneyland we are also planning a total renovation of the ever-popular Space Mountain and its surroundings, with the all-new version set to be completed in 2027. As such, while placing our top priority on enhancing the experience value of our guests, including both novelty and comfort, we are determined to make dedicated efforts for the creation of “Happiness,” a signature value provided by our Group.


Having set our goal for 2030 as “Bringing more ‘Happiness’ to you and the community,” the Oriental Land Group is pushing forward its medium- to long-term initiatives to contribute to a sustainable society and achieve long-term sustainable growth. The most crucial element in this endeavor is our employees, who are the Group’s greatest asset and a source of our competitive advantage. By investing in measures to enhance the virtuous cycle between employees’ job satisfaction and guest happiness, we hope to remain a company that is wanted by society and that employees can truly take pride in.


The entire Company will continue to take on new challenges so as to providing “wonderful dreams, moving experiences, happiness and contentment” to all our stakeholders for the next 50 years, 100 years. Please look forward to the future growth and evolution of the Company.

June 2024


Oriental Land Co., Ltd.
Yumiko Takano, Representative Director, Chairperson and CEO
Kenji Yoshida, Representative Director, President and COO