The following is a list of frequently asked questions.

General Questions Concerning Tokyo Disney Resort

  • Can you tell us the differences between Tokyo Disneyland and Tokyo DisneySea?

    While both Parks are based on our basic philosophy of “family entertainment” to ensure that Guests from all generations can enjoy their experience, each Park also has different features. The Kingdom of Dreams and Magic Tokyo Disneyland is the first Disney Theme Park built outside the United States and is comprised of seven theme lands centering around Cinderella Castle. Reflecting the famous words by Walt Disney, who said “Disneyland will never be completed,” Tokyo Disneyland has constantly been providing new sources of attraction to its Guests.

    At the same time, Tokyo DisneySea, Where Adventure and Imagination Set Sail, is the only ocean-themed Disney Theme Park in the world. Tokyo DisneySea, which was created based on stories and legends centered on the world’s oceans, consists of seven theme ports designed based on completely different time eras and atmospheres. Each Park is equipped with distinctive characteristics in accordance with the respective themes, not only the attractions, but also souvenirs, restaurant menus and costumes worn by Cast that serve to successfully contribute to the attractiveness of the Theme Parks.

  • How do you manage to maintain the quality of Guest services?

    As the quality of Cast is the most important factor for providing “happiness” to Guests, we offer a range of training sessions on a continual basis for corporate employees, Theme Park employees and part-time employees, regardless of their statuses, even after starting their jobs, with the aim of developing superior Cast.
    Please click Training and Development to see details of our educational programs for Cast.

  • Can you tell us about Tokyo Disney Resort’s environmental measures?

    One of the OLC Group’s Management Policy under the Corporate Philosophy is “Build positive relationships: We seek to maintain harmony with the global community and the Earth's environment and to achieve a more productive coexistence between people and nature.” We have been promoting various environmental measures in line with “Our Environmental Policy” formulated based on the Management Policy. Amid a rise in social interest concerning environmental issues, the OLC Group is also committed to taking effective environmental measures in the future in order to reduce environmental impact brought on by its operating activities as much as possible. Please click Caring for the environment to see the specific environmental measures taken at Tokyo Disney Resort.

  • Can you tell us about your barrier-free measures?

    Based on the concept of normalization, the OLC Group aims to create an environment where all Guests visiting Tokyo Disney Resort can enjoy their experience. Among the Guests who visit Tokyo Disney Resort are those with disabilities and those suffering from a temporary decline in body function due to accidents, etc., as well as pregnant and elderly Guests. We therefore endeavor to ensure that all Guests can spend a comfortable and pleasant time at Tokyo Disney Resort through the enhancement of facilities and assistance tools as well as support by Cast. Please click Our Commitment to Full and Equal Access at Tokyo Disney Resort to see details on our barrier-free measures.

  • Can you explain about the countermeasures against earthquakes?

    At Tokyo Disney Resort, ground improvement measures have been implemented to withstand large-scale earthquakes. In addition, earthquake-proof structures have been adopted in buildings in compliance with Japan’s Building Standards Act. Furthermore, earthquake resistance has been enforced by constructing buildings that are not only lower to the ground, but lighter as well. 
    However, in the event of a large-scale earthquake, a temporary decline in revenue can be expected due to a decrease in Theme Park attendance resulting from transportation disruptions and a drop in people’s appetite for leisure activities.

    In order to secure working capital even during such dire circumstances, we contracted a long-term line of credit up to 150.0 billion yen through “Earthquake Risk Countermeasure Financing Type Term Loan with a Commitment Period” in March 2019.

Guest Attendance at Theme Parks

  • Can you tell us about the market size of the theme park industry and Oriental Land’s market share?

    At the same time, according to the Comprehensive Directory of Leisure Lands & Recreational Parks 2021 (issued by SOGO UNICOM Co., Ltd. in November 2020), the total Guest attendance at Tokyo Disneyland and Tokyo DisneySea (29.01 million) topped the rankings for annual theme park attendance in Japan for the fiscal year ended March 2020.

  • Can you provide us with a profile of the Guests that visit your Theme Parks?

    The following is our Guest profile. Since commencement of full-fledged operations of Tokyo Disney Resort, a broader range of Guests, both in terms of age group and region, has come to visit our Theme Parks compared to when Tokyo Disneyland was our only Theme Park.

    <By Age>
    Approximately 70% of the total number of Guests is adults (aged 18 or over).

    <By Sex>
    Female guests account for approximately 70% of the total number of Guests.

    <By Region>
    More than 60% of the total number of Guests who visit the Parks is from the Kanto area.

    <Net sales per Guest>
    Net sales per Guest exceeded 11,000 yen.
    Please see Guest Profile for details.

  • Can you provide us with Guest attendance figures for the each Theme Park?

    As we aim to attract Guests to Tokyo Disney Resort as a whole rather than divide attendance according to individual Theme Parks, we do not disclose information on Guest attendance by Theme Park. We believe that it is important for us to continue to attract Guests in a balanced manner toward the future by leveraging key features from both Theme Parks. Please see Guest Statistics for changes in total Guest attendance for the both Theme Parks.

  • Has there been any impact on Guest attendance at Tokyo Disney Resort as a result of the opening of Hong Kong Disneyland Resort and Shanghai Disney Resort?

    No prominent impact has been seen both in terms of overseas Guests and domestic Guests at Tokyo Disney Resort even after the openings of Hong Kong Disneyland Resort and Shanghai Disney Resort. We expect there will be a positive impact for Tokyo Disney Resort when the popularity of the Disney brand in Asia is further boosted, including China where high potential demand is anticipated.

    However, given the fact that leisure facilities outside Japan become more appealing, we are fully aware that it is necessary for us to maintain and enhance the value of Tokyo Disney Resort. We will drive the evolution of Tokyo Disney Resort into a one-of-a-kind resort by raising the attractiveness of Tokyo DisneySea as the world’s only ocean-themed Disney Theme Park, and providing more hotel variations and Guest rooms, ant other measures.

Information on the Company and Group Companies

Corporate Management

  • Can you explain your plans concerning how you will use cash flow in the future?

    We will use operating cash flow for growing our core and new businesses, while striving to further increase operating cash flow. This will result in further generation of free cash flow, which will be used to enhance our corporate value. Please see Management Plan for details.

  • Can you tell us about your plan on how you will repay interest-bearing debt, including borrowings?

    On a consolidated basis, interest-bearing debt amounted to 296.9 billion yen at the end of the fiscal year (fiscal year ended March 31, 2002), during which time Tokyo DisneySea first opened to the public. After that year, however, we have been working on the redemption of bonds and repayment of borrowings on a steady basis. Going towards the future, while we will repay interest-bearing debt according to the plan, we are also planning to consider more efficient fund raising measures as required.

    Please see Debt & Rating for details on interest-bearing debt

  • Can you tell us about your future capital expenditure plans?

    We plan to invest on a large scale in Tokyo Disney Resort, our core business. Please check Management Plan for more details.

  • What is your view on expansion into new business fields in the future?

    We have established Oriental Land Innovations Co., Ltd. in June 2020 as a new company (corporate venture capital) to invest in ventures, etc., for the purpose of creating new business. By combining the innovative technologies and ideas of venture companies with the resources of OLC Group companies, the new subsidiary will engage in business creation activities that contribute to the development of a society in line with our corporate philosophy based on the key words "Dreams, Emotion, Happiness and Contentment."

    In addition to the establishment of this new company, we will continue to research and study new businesses in areas that are expected to grow over the long term and to consider a wide range of options that will contribute to OLC Group's sustained growth.

  • Can you tell us about your shareholder benefits?

    In 1998, we increased shareholder benefits from once a year to twice a year. Also we changed the Shareholder Passport, which was only able to be used at Tokyo Disneyland, to the 1-Day Passport which can be used at either Tokyo Disneyland or Tokyo DisneySea in 2002. As an effort to further enhance shareholder benefits, we made changes to criteria for shareholder benefit program and introduced long-term shareholder benefit program in 2015.

    Please see Shareholder Benefit Program for detailed information on the current shareholder benefit program.

  • Can you tell us about your IR activities?

    At the OLC Group, we hold separate presentations for individual, institutional, and overseas investors. We also prepare leaflets such as financial disclosure documents and others.

    For institutional investors, we hold earnings presentations and management plan presentations and participate in conferences and other events. We fully commit to fair disclosure by making video and audio presentations for institutional investors, which are available on our IR website.

  • Can you tell us about your CSR activities?

    At the OLC Group, we believe that a strong commitment to corporate social responsibility strengthens our bonds with the communities in which we operate and enables us to support those communities by giving something back. For details, please go to CSR.