Policies and Regulations

Basic Approach to Human Resources Development

The OLC Group implements a variety of human resources development programs to create an employee-employer relationship in which both sides need and elevate each other.
To help employees take charge of their own career development and grow in aspirational ways, we provide them with opportunities to develop their career and competencies. In addition, we also provide managerial employees with expanded training programs, thereby promoting the growth of both our people and our organizations.
We also support our employees in building their careers through various initiatives, including an internal system to help part-time cast members become corporate employees across different employment categories and providing them with opportunities to think about their careers.
Through the autonomous growth of each and every employee, we aim to increase the value of our business and, furthermore, contribute to Japan’s service and tourism industries. In addition, by strengthening our human resources, we aim to execute our long-term business strategy.

Corporate Employees

We hire a broad range of employees with diverse strengths, including experienced professionals as well as new graduates. In addition, to encourage all employees to seek autonomous personal growth and motivate them to take on new challenges, we clarify the behavior we want to see.
Specifically, this includes a demonstrated willingness to take on new challenges and seek improvement, a strength that is actively fostered among all our personnel; a commitment to getting things done without giving up; and the ability to act as part of a team while fulfilling individual responsibilities.
Furthermore, an employee development cycle has been defined. The cycle is comprised of understanding cast members, formulating a development plan, assigning roles, nurturing and supporting them, and evaluating as well as reviewing their work. In particular, we support employees’ autonomous growth by providing role-specific development programs that help them plan their own career and acquire the skills they need and setting semiannual meetings with their superiors where they can share their accomplishments and discuss and align their goals.

Theme Park Operation Employees / Cast Members

We are fostering a corporate culture that encourages our cast members to work with vigor. Specifically, we help them gain a strong sense of self-efficacy, namely, the sense of being useful to our guests by creating “Happiness” for them, and a sense of personal growth. In our belief that this initiative will lead to further development of our cast members, we are working to expand education/training programs and offer a support system that helps them perform at their best in our efforts to improve the workplace environment.
For Theme Park Operation employees, we clarify the behavior expected of them to encourage their autonomous personal growth and raise their motivation to take on new challenges. Specifically, the expected behavior includes a demonstrated eagerness to seek improvement; a commitment to getting things done without giving up; and the ability to act as part of a team while fulfilling individual responsibilities. Based on this, an employee development cycle has been defined. This cycle supports employees’ autonomous growth by providing role-specific development programs as well as career support programs to help them better understand themselves and plan and achieve their career paths.

Management Structures

Training and Development

At Oriental Land Co., Ltd., we have in place training systems tailored to each job function. Our aim is to fulfill our corporate mission by encouraging all employees to use their own initiative in fulfilling their roles.
Regardless of their role or career path, all new employees undertake training programs to learn about the Disney philosophy and Disney theme parks.
In addition, training programs specific to ranks and grades as well as the Job Challenge System that encourages employees to venture into new fields are offered to help employees build their careers.

Actions and Performances

Training Programs for Corporate Employees

We provide our corporate employees with job opportunities and training programs to enable them to become competent individuals, whether acting within or outside the company.
To achieve sustainable growth as a corporation, the autonomous growth of each and every employee is indispensable. To this end, our employees are expected to take charge of their own career development and continue learning with aspiration.
We organize appealing training programs for our employees, and offer opportunities for them to gain new insights and perspectives beyond their jobs and develop their competencies and career.

Outline of Employee Training Programs and Development Systems

Our training programs are composed of training for junior staff aimed at developing the basic knowledge and skills needed to serve as a fully contributing member of society, and training tailored to the roles and career of each employee. In addition, there are also systems in place to support individuals’ career building and personal development. We make sure that employees aspiring to achieve growth can avail themselves of training opportunities at any time.

Training for junior staff
(First and third year of employment)
  • Training for new corporate employees
  • Follow-up training
  • Business framework training

Training for all employees

  • Role/rank-specific training
  • Self-development courses (optional)
    and others

Training for junior staff (First and third year of employment)

Training program


Training for new corporate employees

Enables new corporate employees to understand the roles of Oriental Land Co., Ltd.ʼs corporate employees by learning about our business and engaging in on-the-job training at Theme Parks, and to acquire the basic knowledge required for such roles. Extensive knowledge can be acquired including Disney philosophy and business skills.

Follow-up training

Accelerates the development of employees in their first to third year and provides them with task inventory opportunities.

Training for All Corporate Employees

Training program


Role/rank-specific training

Enables trainees to acquire structured knowledge and skills required for their roles and rank.

Self-development courses (optional)

Support employees who are motivated to learn. By taking the courses that provide them with the skills and knowledge they need, individuals can learn and grow by making the best use of their spare time. 

Employee Development Systems



Self-assessment System

Under the system, each employee develops their own career plan based on their values, capacities they wish to develop, and goals they wish to fulfill. They also meet with their superior to report the plan. The plan is also shared with Human Resources staff.

Multifaceted assessment

An annual program for employees to receive multifaceted feedback from their subordinates, colleagues, and superiors, which provides them with an opportunity to reflect on their own roles and actions and gain a better understanding of themselves to achieve future growth.

Job Challenge System

The system creates opportunities for employees to transfer to a field they regard as “an area where they can contribute by making use of their capacity and skills,” on the condition that they are achieving positive outcomes in their current field of business. The aim of the system is to support employees in their effort to take on new tasks as part of their career building.

In-house Recruitment System

The system allows employees to apply for job openings announced within the company. Most of the applicable jobs involve highly professional/specialized tasks or are jobs in new business fields. Employees with suitable capacities and skills are eligible to apply.

Holding concurrent positions

While being a member of one department, employees are provided with opportunities to internally apply for another job opening to concurrently serve as a member of another department.

Approval for second job

Employees are permitted to have second jobs. By allowing them to opt for growth opportunities beyond the Group, we aim to help them develop their career and competencies on an ongoing basis.

Training Programs for Theme Park Operation Employees and Cast Members

Cast members’ growth underpins the development of our Theme Parks. In pursuit of “We Create Happiness,” the goal upheld by cast members, we provide all cast members with induction courses for learning about the Disney philosophy and the cast members’ code of conduct. After they are assigned to their respective divisions, department-specific training programs including on-the-job training are implemented.
In addition, we have a system of appointing trainers responsible for providing guidance to newer employees, and Disney training programs.
Furthermore, we strive to improve the workplace environment with the aim of offering cast members opportunities to be recognized in their daily operations and to receive effective feedback.
To support the growth of Theme Park Operation employees, we offer training programs that aim to provide structured knowledge and skills required for each role and rank, as well as optional courses where they can acquire knowledge and skills as they choose in their spare time.

Supporting Career Building

To support the autonomous growth of all Theme Park Operation employees, we have in place career support programs to help them better understand themselves and plan and achieve their career paths.
In addition, at OLC Career College established in October 2018, we offer additional support in career development through a variety of optional seminars, workshops and career consultation services. Comments made by college attendees include: “The college has always given me a helping hand whenever I lacked sufficient motivation to take a step forward. The place gave me self-confidence.” Also: “By interacting with others, I was able to see myself from a relative point of view.”

Major Training Programs

Training program


Education/training programs

  • Induction courses for new employees
  • Programs for acquiring the knowledge and skills required for each role and qualification

Department-specific training programs

Training specific to job types; on-the-job training

Career support programs (on an application basis)

OLC Career College

  • Career design training program
  • Problem-solving training program
  • Self-expression workshop
  • Assessment of Generic Skills
  • Career counseling services