Policies and Regulations

Our Policy on Attraction Safety

Tokyo Disney Resort

A large number of guests enjoy the attractions at Tokyo Disneyland and Tokyo DisneySea every day. In order to offer our guests a consistently safe and enjoyable experience, the OLC Group has developed the Policy on Attraction Safety.

Policy on Attraction Safety

To allow us to create happiness and contentment by offering “wonderful dreams, moving experiences, delight and contentment” the OLC Group is dedicated to maintaining and enhancing the safety of our attractions and to achieving the highest standards of safety and quality.


  1. Our Group shall comply with all statutory safety regulations and internal safety standards.
  2. Our Group shall work to improve the safety of the facilities and procedures for the operation of attractions.
  3. Our Group shall maintain operational safety at all times to continue to provide the ultimate show experience.
  4. Our Group shall train all employees to actively incorporate our safety procedures into their work.

Management Structures

The Role of Audits and Communication in Safety Management

Tokyo Disney Resort

It is fundamental that both the maintenance and operations departments work and communicate closely together to fulfill their roles with integrity for the safety of our attractions and facilities.
In addition, by maintaining close contact with cast members, maintenance and operations managers are able to identify small changes and emerging safety risks, while facility managers also ensure on-site safety.
Internal checks are carried out on an ongoing basis by the Safety & Show Quality Assurance Department, which verifies whether facilities maintenance for attractions is being carried out according to the standards, and the Operation Management Department, which confirms that the staff is carrying out operations reliably and in accordance with the manuals.

Actions and Performances

Attraction Safety Program

Tokyo Disney Resort

Our Group is committed to the safety of our rides and attractions in terms of both attraction design and maintenance, as well as guest enjoyment and operational safety.

Safety Management of Theme Parks Facilities/Rides/Ride Equipment– Design

All of our attractions are designed by placing the utmost importance on safety. In particular, all roller coaster attractions are equipped with a broad range of safety features, such as ride restraints, and require strict adherence to rules, such as enforced height restrictions.
We have also installed a range of equipment that is designed to prevent guests from climbing or jumping over park fences such as the fixed guard nets on rails and along the waterfront in some watercraft attractions, and automated station gates in the loading areas of all roller coaster attractions. Moreover, the Soaring: Fantastic Flight is equipped with a center strap to keep children securely in their seats, thereby ensuring that all guests can enjoy the ride safely.

Keeping children securely in their seats
 (Photographed in FY2019)
Keeping children securely in their seats
(Photographed in FY2019)

Examples of safety enhancements made in FY 2022

Caravan Carousel

To enhance guest safety, the steps for climbing on and off the carousel horses have been made larger to help prevent falls due to potential missed footing.

Increased the size of the step stool from 12 cm long x 40 cm wide to 22 cm long x 53 cm wide

Safety Management of Theme Parks’ Rides System – Maintenance

All Tokyo Disney Resort facilities are checked by a team of approximately 1,000 maintenance technicians* who work in shifts to verify and maintain safe conditions. In addition to statutory inspections, we perform daily and routine inspections and maintenance in accordance with our own strict maintenance standards. Furthermore, we annually conduct overhaul maintenance of approximately 600 attraction vehicles at our own factory. After the vehicle is disassembled, various inspections such as non-destructive inspection and parts replacement take place. Once the vehicle is assembled again, it is brought into the attraction and after passing the final cycling test, the inspection and maintenance work is complete. We constantly review these maintenance standards and audit the status of inspections and maintenance work to keep our facilities safe. In addition, some attractions are individually closed at regular intervals to allow our maintenance team to perform thorough non-destructive inspections and maintenance work that cannot be performed during daily inspections.


In the event of an earthquake exceeding a certain magnitude, the Theme Parks’ attractions are stopped at locations that enable guests to safely disembark. Guests are then evacuated to safety through evacuation routes. We commence inspections by following the appropriate standards and checklists corresponding to the magnitude of the earthquake and confirm the safety of the rides and attractions.


*The technicians who maintain our Tokyo Disney Resorts include Engineering Services Division personnel and the staff of maintenance subsidiaries and partners affiliated with our Group.

Operational Safety

Cast members in charge of operations at all attractions ensure the safety of all rides and attractions.

For example, at Soaring: Fantastic Flight, after the guests have buckled up their seatbelts, cast members make sure that they are locked by checking the lamp light above each seat. In addition, cast members ask the guests to pull the yellow tab attached to their seatbelt so that the guests themselves can check that the seatbelt is locked, along with the cast members.

Seatbelt lamp (Photographed  in FY2019)
Seatbelt lamp (Photographed in FY2019)

Safety Training

Tokyo Disney Resort

We offer a variety of education/training programs to make sure that our attractions are safe and of high quality.
When we temporarily close an attraction to perform inspections and maintenance work, we ask our cast members and contractors to attend a training program to learn more about the magic behind the attraction. By enabling them to perform their maintenance work based on the story, we can provide guests with safety and a quality experience. We also offer a training program for cast members and contractors who operate and maintain attraction facilities equipped with the ride motion protection system, which keeps the ride vehicles from moving while inspection or maintenance work is being conducted along the tracks or elsewhere.
New cast members are required to learn the standard operating procedures and undertake repeated on-the-job training so that they are able to respond to any situation. They must then go through an assessment period before being authorized to operate attractions independently.
In addition, cast members also regularly participate in emergency evacuation drills in which the attractions are shut down, which are held in the early hours before opening or after the Theme Parks have closed.