Policies and Regulations

Basic Approach to Human Resources Development

As stated in the OLC Group’s Management Credo, we are committed to respecting individuals and supporting their work. We offer our employees both the opportunity to maximize their potential and a range of programs that meet their needs to enhance professional skills. We also support our employees in building their careers through various initiatives, including an internal system for part-time Cast Members to become corporate employees across different employment categories and providing them with opportunities to think about their careers.
By developing our employees, we aim to increase the value of our business and, furthermore, contribute to Japan’s service and tourism industries. In addition, by strengthening our human resources, we strive to achieve the long-term growth of our core businesses, which is upheld as part of our long-term business goal.

Corporate Employees

Our training policy is designed to support corporate employees in becoming more independent and enhancing their professional skills, while boosting their willingness to take on new challenges. Moreover, we have different training programs in place to match the individual roles and career stages of our employees, and have defined the attitudes that we want to encourage among employees. These traits include willingness to take on new challenges and seek improvement, which has come to be a strength of our personnel; a commitment to getting things done without giving up; and the capability to act as a team while fulfilling individual responsibilities.
An employee development cycle, which comprises understanding Cast Members, formulating a development plan, assigning roles, nurturing and supporting them, and evaluating and reviewing their work, has been defined, based on which career interviews and evaluation interviews are implemented.

Theme Park Operation Employees / Cast Members

We are fostering a corporate culture that encourages our Cast Members to work with vigor. Specifically, we help them gain a strong sense of self-efficacy, namely, the sense of being useful to our Guests, and a sense of personal growth. In our belief that this initiative will lead to further development of our Cast Members, we are working to expand education/training programs and offer a support system for supervisors in our efforts to improve the workplace environment.

Management Structures

Training and Development

At Oriental Land Co., Ltd., we have in place training and remuneration systems tailored to each job function. Our aim is to encourage all employees to use their own initiative in fulfilling their roles so that they can offer one-of-a-kind hospitality.
Regardless of their role or career path, all new employees undertake training programs to learn about the Disney philosophy and Disney theme parks.
In addition, training programs specific to ranks and grades as well as study abroad programs are offered to help employees build their careers.


Actions and Performances

Training Programs for Corporate Employees

We provide our corporate employees with job opportunities and training programs to enable them to become the core members of their respective business operations and, moreover, gain a competitive edge that would be highly rated outside of the company.

To achieve sustainable growth as a corporation, development of our people is indispensable. If each employee can develop their competence and ability to think for themselves, make their own decisions and take spontaneous actions, we are bound to grow as an organization.

To provide opportunities for individuals and organizations to grow in tandem, we support each employee’s capacity development to the maximum possible extent. Our training programs are part of such significant support measures.

Outline of Employee Training Programs and Development Systems

Our training programs are composed of training for junior staff aimed at developing the basic knowledge and skills needed to serve as a fully contributing member of society, and training tailored to the roles and career of each employee. In addition, there are also systems in place to support individuals’ career building and personal development.

Training for junior staff
(First and third year of employment)
  • Training for new corporate employees
  • Follow-up training
  • Business framework training

Training for all employees

  • Role/rank-specific training
  • Self-development courses (optional)
    and others

Training for junior staff (First and third year of employment)

Training program


Training for new corporate employees

Enables new corporate employees to understand the roles of Co., Ltd.’s corporate employees by learning about our business and engaging in on-the-job training at Theme Parks, and to acquire the basic knowledge required for such roles. Extensive knowledge can be acquired including Disney philosophy and business skills.

Follow-up training

Accelerates the development of employees in their first to third year and provides them with task inventory opportunities.

Business framework training

Enables trainees to acquire practical business skills and knowledge required for their tasks. Training topics include logical communication, numerical thinking and how to proceed with one’s tasks.

Training for All Corporate Employees

Training Program


Role/rank-specific training

Enables trainees to acquire structured knowledge and skills required for their roles and rank.

Self-development courses (optional)

Support employees who are motivated to learn. Courses include correspondence courses for acquiring knowledge in new fields, skills for daily operations and overcoming weaknesses, as well as language courses. Part of the tuition fee is subsidized by the company.

Employee Development Systems



Self-assessment System

Under the system, each employee develops their own career plan based on their values, capacities they wish to develop, and goals they wish to fulfill. They also meet with their superior to report the plan. The plan is also shared with Human Resources staff.

Job Challenge System

The system creates opportunities for employees to transfer to a field they regard as “an area where they can contribute by making use of their capacity and skills,” on the condition that they are achieving positive outcomes in their current field of business. The aim of the system is to support employees in their effort to take on new tasks as part of their career building.

In-house Recruitment System

The system allows employees to apply for job openings announced within the company. Most of the applicable jobs involve highly professional/specialized tasks or are jobs in new business fields. Employees with suitable capacities and skills are eligible to apply.

Study Abroad programs

Study at all kinds of educational institutions is eligible, as long as employees can put what they have learned into practice.

Training Programs for Theme Park Operation Employees and Cast Members

Cast Members’ growth underpins the development of our Theme Parks. In pursuit of “We Create Happiness,” the goal upheld by Cast Members, we provide all Cast Members with induction courses for learning about the Disney philosophy and the Cast Members’ code of conduct. After they are assigned to their respective divisions, department-specific training programs including on-the-job training are implemented.

In addition, we run a five-step career development program tailored to the jobs and abilities of trainees, a system of appointing trainers responsible for providing guidance to newer employees, and Disney training programs.

Furthermore, we strive to improve the workplace environment by refining the activities we implement to encourage Cast Members to acknowledge and praise one another, as well as receiving feedback. By doing so, we aim to offer them opportunities to be recognized in their daily operations and to receive effective feedback.

Supporting Career Building

We established OLC Career College in October 2018. Through a variety of seminars, workshops and career consultation services provided at this college, we are offering additional or enhanced support to Cast Members in their career development. College attendees have voiced comments such as, “I now understand the advantages of being a Cast Member,” and “The program has prompted me to think about my career.”

Major Training Programs

Training program


Education/training programs

(partially on an application basis)

  • Induction courses for new employees
  • Nine programs for acquiring the knowledge and skills required for each role and qualification
  • Sign language course
  • Chinese culture class

Department-specific training programs

Training specific to job types; on-the-job training

Career support programs (on an application basis; since FY 2018)

OLC Career College

  • Career design training program
  • Career consultation service
  • Progress Report on Generic Skills
  • Problem-solving training program
  • Business skills training program
  • Language courses

Training Hours for Employees

The average hours spent for training of corporate employees and cast members are approximately 11hours. Purpose of the training is for them to gain skills and develop their abilities. 
*Trainings hosted by human resources department as well as series of introductory trainings for the Cast Members.