Policies and Regulations

Our Basic Approach to Human Resources

For the OLC Group, investing in human resources is just as crucial as investing in Theme Park facilities in terms of creating value in our Theme Park business. In particular, at Tokyo Disney Resort, interactions between people are in itself a precious value and people are the very source of its strength.
For more than 35 years in Maihama, the OLC Group has been accepting people, the asset of society, as our employees to create value for society.
Our Theme Parks alone employ around 20,000 people, which means that we are shouldering a considerable social responsibility.
We believe that if we can implement personnel strategies and actions that enable each and every employee to continue achieving output and personal growth while creating value, we will be able to create happiness for Guests, enhance the value of the OLC Group, and eventually contribute to society.

Human Resources Initiatives under 2020 Medium-Term Plan

In view of the impact of the decreasing working population due to the progressively aging population, under our 2020 Medium-Term Plan, we are making labor-saving efforts while striving to elevate our hospitality by reinforcing our human resources.
We have also defined our employees’ behavioral requirements and development cycle with the aim of strengthening our human resources. Moreover, we are working to improve their workplace environment in support of their childcare and family care.
In April 2016, the personnel system for Cast Members was revised with the aim of further enhancing their sense of security, fulfillment and excitement.

Specifically, we are working to raise their role/qualification-based wage limits, to encourage Cast Members to feel stronger bonds among their peers, and to improve their evaluation standards. In addition, in February of FY 2019, we established a new employee category named “Theme Park Operation Employees.”

The employees under the new category specialize in operational tasks at our theme parks, assuming the role of directly serving Guests at the forefront. They are selected mainly from among eligible Cast Members working for Oriental Land Co. Ltd., as well as all other eligible employees, on an application basis.

Founding the Basis of Work

The OLC Group considers it critically important to found the basis of work if we are to maximize the strength of our people, the cornerstone of our business, with the aim of allowing each and every employee to demonstrate their maximum potential. To this end, we support our employees by helping their career development, raising their efficiency, reviewing our systems and rules, and creating a safe and reliable work environment.
At Oriental Land Co. Ltd., we implemented the following: we introduced a new employee category named “Theme Park Operation employees,” helped our employees maintain a healthy work-life balance while providing childcare and family care, improved our “backstage” environment, and revamped our IT environment.
We encourage employees to make use of the support that we provide, review work procedures to better address challenges unique to each organization, and take pro-active actions.

Actions and Performances

Employment Categories and Roles of Employees

Oriental Land Co., Ltd. employs approximately 26,000 people, each of whom is putting one's special skills to use. Around 20% of our workers are corporate employees, contract workers and show performers, with the remaining 80% employed as Theme Park Operation Employees and part-time Cast Members who work at the frontline welcoming Guests.

Employment categories and roles of employees

Employment category Role
Corporate employees Career-track employees Employees who work across a wide range of business areas, including actual Theme Park business, Theme Park support, and general administration.
Theme Park management staff Operation and stage professionals who work at Theme Parks
Specialists Specialists working in specific fields such as technology and food preparation
Theme Park Operation Employees Employees who specialize in operational tasks at our Theme Parks, the role of directly serving Guests at the forefront
Contract workers Workers in charge of specialized work in specific departments
Show performers Entertainers who are selected based on auditions to perform in the Theme Parks’ shows and parades
Cast Members Employees who play a central role in offering hospitality, which directly affects Guests’ happiness. Their tasks include providing information at the attractions, cleaning the Park, preparing food, serving customers at restaurant facilities, store sales, inventory management, etc.

*A new employee category named Theme Park Operation Employee was added on February 1, 2020.

Labor-Management Relations

At Oriental Land Co., Ltd., we follow international standards to respect  basic labor rights including the collective bargaining rights.

The management and the labor union, Oriental Land Friendship Society (OFS), build mutual understanding and trust through negotiations in order to collaborate and implement initiatives aimed at creating a better workplace environment.
As of March 2020, there were 24,440 union members, and its participation rate is 99.9%. Including contract workers, Cast Members, and show performers, who joined in FY 2017, and Theme Park Operation Employees, who joined in FY 2019.
In FY 2018, labor unions were also formed at each Group company, along with the Federation of Oriental Land Group Friendship Society (OGFS), a federation comprising the labor unions of the OLC Group.
Under its labor agreement concluded with the labor union, the OLC Group employs the union shop system applicable to all categories of employees.

Employee Recruitment and Payment Compliance

At Oriental Land Co., Ltd., we prevent the occurence of child labor by confirming ages on recruitment to comply the minimum age of ILO(International Labour Standards). Also, we comply with all laws and domestic regulations of each locations for the payment, ensuring payment more than the minimum wages.