Policies and Regulations

The OLC Group has been making consistent efforts to eliminate the wasting of resources by purifying wastewater and promoting the use of reclaimed water on a voluntary basis since opening its first Theme Park to the public.
By introducing the latest cutting-edge systems, we take environmentally friendly measures at all stages of the life cycles of attractions and facilities, from design to introduction, repair and replacement.

OLC Group’s Environmental Policy

The OLC Group undertakes environmental activities in line with Our Environmental Policy.

Management Structures

Our Water Supply and Drainage Management System

OLC Group has established an Environmental Action Committee chaired by the Executive Director and Executive Vice President Officer in charge of the Sustainability Promotion Department, Corporate Strategy Planning Division. The committee is responsible for planning and setting targets for the Company’s environmental activities such as against climate change. 
Due to wide-ranging laws governing water supply and drainage*, OLC Group Water Supply and Drainage Guidelines were established and the Group is developing a system to facilitate the appropriate management of water supply and drainage operations accordingly.


*Japan has various laws and regulations, including the Water Quality Pollution Control Act, the Water Supply Act, the Act on Maintenance of Sanitation in Buildings, and the Sewerage Service Act, which apply to OLC Group companies on the basis of location and business type.

Actions and Performances

Water Purification and Recycling

Tokyo Disney Resort

Water treatment facility
Water treatment facility

The water used at the OLC Group is collected, purified and recycled at a water treatment plant owned by our group, in order to reduce water use.

Today, around 30 percent of the water we use (882 thousand m³) is recycled at the OLC Group's water treatment plant and reused for toilet flushing at Tokyo Disneyland and Tokyo DisneySea.

Water use

(thousand cubic meters)
2017 2018 2019
Total water intake 4,261 4,482 4,087
Breakdown by source Surface water (rivers and lakes) 0 0 0
Surface water (wells and boreholes) 0 0 0
Water used at quarries 0 0 0
Drinking water supplied by Urayasu City 3,400 3,600 3,200
Internal water recycling facilities 861 882 887
Rainwater 0 0 0
Seawater 0 0 0
Total water discharged 3,588 3,715 3,395
Breakdown by
discharge destination
Sea 127 133 108
Surface water 0 0 0
Wells/underground water 0 0 0
Water treatment facilities 2,600 2,700 2,400
Internal water recycling facilities 861 882 887

COD Emissions

2017 2018 2019
COD Emissions 0.9 0.8 0.7

*COD Emissions=Σ{CODAverage concentration×amount of emissions}

Recycling of Water in Water Areas

Tokyo Disney Resort

Water circulates efficiently throughout Tokyo DisneySea
Water circulates efficiently throughout Tokyo DisneySea

We have placed filtration devices in the areas and attractions containing water at Theme Parks. The devices enable us to maintain water quality by conducting thorough checks and effectively circulating all water.
For example, the water contained in the vast water areas within Tokyo DisneySea is processed through a large-scale cycle filtration/purification system. Thanks to this system, we can efficiently maintain a consistent level of water by replenishing stocks on sunny days to make up for water lost to evaporation and we can also make adjustments to deal with overflows on rainy days. Clean water used for fountains pours into the bodies of water located throughout Tokyo DisneySea, allowing us to use water effectively without wasting any of it.

Environment Related Data

Tokyo Disney Resort

Data on environmental performances of FY2019.