Policies and Regulations

Our lives and business activities are sustained by biodiversity, which consists of the variation of living species and their relationships to each other.
The OLC Group upholds consideration for biodiversity in Our Environmental Policy. In our efforts to seek harmony with the environment through our business activities, we procure paper with due consideration for biodiversity and work to create an environment where diverse types of vegetation can grow.

OLC Group’s Environmental Policy

The OLC Group undertakes environmental activities in line with Our Environmental Policy.

Paper Procurement in Consideration of Biodiversity

In June 2015, at the OLC Group, as part of our efforts aimed at limiting damage to ecosystems in the course of procurement, we set new guidelines on the procurement of paper and notify its content to our major suppliers. These require that illegal or excessive deforestation is avoided and recommend using paper made 100% of recycled paper in the office. Also, we annually investigate the paper usage of our major suppliers.

Management Structures

OLC Group has established an Environmental Action Committee chaired by the Executive Director and Executive Vice President Officer in charge of the Sustainability Promotion Department, Corporate Strategy Planning Division. The committee is responsible for planning and setting targets for the company’s environmental activities such as against climate change.

Actions and Performances

Greenery at our Theme Parks

Tokyo Disney Resort

We set aside more than around 18 hectares of land, or one-sixth of our total theme park area, for greenery. Around 1,340,000 plants comprising 2,000 species are grown, which is comparable to a botanical garden.
In our Tokyo Disney Resort blog on our Tokyo Disney Resort official website (in Japanese only), we provide an overview of our plants as well as gardening advice under the theme of “flower and greenery walks,” so that our guests can enjoy learning about diverse forms of vegetation.