Tax Policy

1. Basic Policy

“Our mission is to create happiness and contentment by offering wonderful dreams and moving experiences created with original, imaginative ideas.” Under this business mission, the OLC Group endeavors to consistently provide “dreams, moving experiences, happiness and contentment.” To that end, the OLC Group will continue to educate employees concerning compliance with tax-related laws and ordinances, and work to maintain and improve tax compliance with the aim of appropriately performing tax payment. 


2. Realization of Appropriate Tax Payment

The OLC Group will abide by laws, ordinances and regulations applicable in all relevant countries and regions where it conducts business activities, and will perform transparent and appropriate tax payment. It will fulfill its tax payment obligations in an appropriate and fair manner in accordance with the spirit of the law. The OLC Group will not conduct tax planning with the intention of arbitrarily avoiding tax nor will it make use of tax havens. A full-time Executive Director (an Officer in charge of the Finance/Accounting Department, in principle) responsible for supervising taxation risks and taxation policies has been appointed.