During FY3/22, the OLC Group limited attendance in line with the state of emergency and quasi-state of emergency declared by Chiba Prefecture, as well as requests from the national and local governments. In FY3/23, the social distancing requirement set forth in the Amusement Park and Theme Park New Coronavirus Infection Containment Guidelines was eased to “a distance sufficient to enable people to avoid physical contact.” In response, the OLC Group operated its Tokyo Disneyland and Tokyo DisneySea Theme Parks by easing the limits on attendance numbers in phases, which resulted in a significant increase in attendance during FY3/23. As a result, net sales and all levels of profit increased from the previous fiscal year.

2019/03 2020/03 2021/03 2022/03 2023/03
Net Sales 525,622464,450170,581275,728483,123

The growth in net sales in FY3/23 was attributable to the success of the new nighttime entertainment “Believe! Sea of Dreams” at Tokyo DisneySea and to the strong sales of the newly introduced Disney Premier Access, as well as eased limits on attendance.

2019/03 2020/03 2021/03 2022/03 2023/03
Operating Profit 129,27896,862-45,9897,733111,199

In FY3/23, operating profit grew owing to an increase in net sales and other factors although personnel expenses and miscellaneous costs rose.

2019/03 2020/03 2021/03 2022/03 2023/03
Profit Attributable to Owners of Parent 90,28662,217-54,1908,06780,734

The boost in net sales resulted in the growth in profit attributable to owners of parent in spite of a decrease in non-operating income.