Policies and Regulations

Respect for Human Rights

OLC Group Human Rights Policy

The OLC Group respects the human rights and has established the OLC Group Human Rights Policy that proclaims its commitment that all its business operations are conducted in line with applicable labor standards and fundamental human rights norms.

OLC Group Human Rights Policy (Established July 2008)

  1. The OLC Group shall respect the human rights of all people in its business operations.
  2. The OLC Group shall not tolerate discrimination or human rights violations based on race, nationality, sex, age, religion, mental or physical disabilities.
  3. The OLC Group shall strive to create a work environment and to nurture a culture of zero tolerance to human rights violations.


The OLC Group Code of Compliance also states that we respect human rights and prevent discrimination and harassment.

Respect for Human Rights in Supply Chain

Respect for human rights in the supply chain is set forth in the OLC Group Vendors Code of Conduct and the Vendors Code of Conduct Guidebook, which provides concrete actions to be taken to practice the Code of Conduct.

Actions and Performances

Other Efforts to Promote Respect for Human Rights

Our Business Guidelines, which set forth standards and guidelines for everyday business operations, include provisions on human rights to dissuade employees from discriminating against or harassing others—during the course of any aspect of business activities or personal life—on the basis of race, nationality, sex, age, religion or mental or physical disability, and from encouraging or tolerating such acts. In addition, it prohibits forced labor and child labor.

Furthermore, when communicating information within and without the OLC Group, employees are encouraged to adopt the standpoint of the recipients of the information in order to closely examine its contents and to give due consideration to avoid the infringement of the recipients’ human rights.

The Business Guidelines also advocate the importance of respecting diversity and individuality in the workplace and among coworkers when engaging in business operations in order to create a comfortable workplace environment for all employees. It also prohibits discriminatory treatments and acts of harassment in the workplace.