「Cinderella Castle」(Tokyo Disneyland)
「Cinderella Castle」(Tokyo Disneyland)

This segment includes the management and operation of two Theme Parks: Tokyo Disneyland and Tokyo DisneySea.

This segment includes six subsidiaries related to Theme Park business development of Oriental Land Co., Ltd. Comprising 80% of the consolidated sales profit of Oriental Land Co., Ltd., this segment contributes the biggest sales profit among the three business segments of the Oriental Land Co., Ltd.

Tokyo Disneyland opened in April 1983 followed by Tokyo DisneySea, which opened in September 2001. The annual attendance of the two Parks combined is over 25 million.

Furthermore, the 35th anniversary events of Tokyo Disney Resort in 2019, which won great popularity, pushed the attendance to an all-time high of 32.56 million.

In order to enhance the guest experience value of the Theme Parks, we will continue investment and development of plans on the merchandise items, restaurant menu items, in addition to the Theme Parks attractions and entertainment programs.

Sales and Operating Profit

Major facilities

Consolidated subsidiaries for the theme park business


Type of business

Oriental Land Co., Ltd.

Management and operation of theme parks.

Maihama Corporation Co., Ltd.

Business and other services.

Photo Works Co., Ltd.

Photography services.

Design Factory Co., Ltd.

Production of printed materials.

Resort Costuming Service Co., Ltd.

Leasing and cleaning of costumes.

MBM Co., Ltd.

Cleaning and security service.

M Tech Co., Ltd.

Maintenance of theme parks.