This segment includes the shopping, dining, and entertainment complex, Ikspiari (opened in July 2000); a monorail service running within the Resort, Disney Resort Line (opened in July 2001).

Ikspiari is a shopping, dining, and entertainment facility located in front of JR Maihama Station, designed under the concept of “a town filled with stories and entertainment.” IKSPIARI Co., Ltd. runs this facility with approximately 130 shops and restaurants, and a cinema complex. There are some independently managed facilities in Ikspiari as well. The stores in Ikspiari change constantly so as to always provide something new to the guests. RC Japan Co., Ltd., a consolidated subsidiary of Oriental Land, operates the Rain Forest Cafe in Ikspiari.

Disney Resort Line is the monorail service connecting JR Maihama Station, Tokyo Disneyland, Tokyo DisneySea, and the Tokyo Disney Resort Official Hotels. The monorail train cars are designed with Mickey Mouse shapes on both the exterior and interior of the train, inspiring a Resort atmosphere while providing accessibility and transportation within the Resort area.

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Management and operation of Ikspiari

Maihama Resort Line Co., Ltd.

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Green and Arts Co., Ltd.

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Bay Food Service Co., Ltd.

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