OLC Group Vendors Code of Conduct

This OLC Group Vendors Code of Conduct (the “Code of Conduct”) is aimed at the OLC Group fulfilling its social responsibility, together with its vendors (“Vendors”), not only in terms of quality assurance but also in the manufacturing process of goods and services which form the transactions between the OLC Group and its Vendors.

The OLC Group requires all Vendors to conduct their business ethically, to conduct their business in compliance with laws and regulations, social standards and the Code of Conduct and to ensure their subcontractors comply with laws and regulations, social standards and the Code of Conduct.

The OLC Group is committed to complying with the same principles described in the Code of Conduct.

In addition, the OLC Group will regularly monitor Vendor compliance with the Code of Conduct. Vendor cooperation with this monitoring process will be appreciated. If any failure of compliance is found as a result, the OLC Group will work with the Vendor towards improving their compliance.

1. Compliance with the Law

1-1 Compliance with the Law

Vendors, in conducting any business, will do so ethically, and in compliance with applicable laws and regulations and social standards.

2. Safety of Merchandise

2-1 Ensuring Safety of Merchandise
To ensure the safety of the merchandise, vendors will comply with applicable laws and regulations, as well as relevant standards.

2-2 Information Disclosure regarding Safety of Merchandise
Vendors will, in a timely manner, provide and disclose appropriate information in relation to the safety of merchandise.


2-3 Prohibited Substance
Vendors will not use any chemical substances and raw materials which are prohibited by laws, regulations or standards set forth by the OLC Group.

3. Worker Safety and Respect for Human Rights

3-1 Workers' Health and Safety

Vendors will provide a working environment respectful of workers' health and safety.


3-2 Working Hours

Vendors will appropriately manage their workers' hours so as to not exceed those allowed by applicable laws and regulations.


3-3 Wage/Compensation

Vendors will, at a minimum, pay workers the minimum wage provided by applicable laws and regulations, and will not conduct any unjust wage reduction. Also, Vendors will pay overtime allowance for workers' overtime work.


3-4 Non-discrimination

Vendors will not engage in any conduct, when hiring or throughout the course of the workers' employment, which unjustly discriminates against workers on the basis of race, nationality, gender, age, creed, and mental and physical disability, etc.


3-5 Child Labor

Vendors will comply with the applicable laws and regulations in their respective countries and regions regulating young workers, and will not cause young workers to work at night or in dangerous environments.


3-6 Harassment

Vendors will prohibit cruel and inhumane treatment, such as sexual harassment/abuse, corporal punishment, psychological/physical coercion and ill-treatment by abusive language, etc.


3-7 Forced Labor

Vendors will hire any worker at his/her free will and will not force him/her to work. Vendors will also uphold the worker's right to leave his/her job upon giving reasonable notice.


3-8 Right to Organize

Vendors will respect the workers' right to organize and have collective bargaining and will endeavor to establish favorable labor-management relations.

4. Fair Business Practices

4-1 Anti-Competition

Vendors will not engage in any action to hamper free, fair, and transparent transactions.


4-2 Abuse of Dominant Bargaining Position

Vendors will not abuse their dominant bargaining position by engaging in action which might/ is detrimental to their business partners.


4-3 Grant/Receipt of Inappropriate Profit

Vendors will not grant/receive any inappropriate profit.


4-4 Intellectual Property Rights

Vendors will respect intellectual property rights and will not infringe any third party's intellectual property right(s).

5. Information Management

5-1 Information Security

Vendors will establish a proper information management system so that any unauthorized acquisition, use, disclosure, or divulgence of personal and confidential information does not occur.

6. Anti-Social Forces

6-1 Attitude towards Anti-Social Forces

Vendors will have no relations with anti-social forces, will assume a resolute attitude towards such groups, and will not give in to their demands.

7. Environment

7-1 Environmental protection

To prevent global warming and environmental pollution and to take biodiversity into consideration, etc., efforts shall be made not only to comply with laws and regulations and other standards but also to reduce all environmental loads.