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Theme Policies and Regulations Management Structures Actions and Performances
Labor Practices Basic Approach to Human Resources Human Resources Initiatives under 2020 Medium-Term Plan

Human Resource Related Data
・Number of employees
・Number of employees by region of nationality
・Average age
・Average number of years of service
・Turnover Rate
・Average annual salary
・Number of new graduates hired as corporate employees
・Number of corporate employees remaining in workforce three years after being hired as new graduates 
・Number of mid-career corporate employees hired
・Percentage of mid-career recruitment employees
・Number of re-employed retirees
・Training Hours
・Percentage of entitled paid holidays actually taken
・Average extra hours worked monthly

・Number of individuals who took childcare leave and their rate of return
・Number of individuals who took family care leave
・Difference in years of continuous service between men and women
・Percentage of female employees
・Proportion of female managers/executive directors/corporate officers
・Gender pay gap of basic salary and remuneration of management positions
・Percentage of employees with disabilities

・Number of union members
・Labor-Management Relations

・Create a workplace for diverse employees

Diversity Basic Approach to Create a Workplace for Diverse Employees
Occupational Health and Safety Basic Approach to Labor Safety Structure for Promoting Health and Safety 

Major health and safety activities

Cast Safety

Policy to Employees’ Health Structure for Promoting Healthier Bodies and Minds Initiatives for Promoting Healthier Bodies and Minds
Training and Education Basic Approach to Human Resources Development Training and Development Training Programs
Human Rights in Supply Chain Human Rights Policy   Human Rights in Supply Chain

Vendors Code of Conduct

Vendors Self-check
International Labor Standards program; ILS program for Disney-Brand Products
Human Rights across the Organization Compliance Code Compliance Committee
Human Rights

Human Rights Policy

Business Guidelines
Supply-Chain Management  Vendors Code of Conduct Voluntary Investigation List (Self-check Sheet)
International Labor Standards program; ILS program for Disney-Brand Products
Customer Safety Code of Conduct    
Policy on Attraction Safety Attraction Safety Attraction Safety Program
Safety and Quality Education
Product Safety and Quality Policy Product Safety Employee Training
Product Development to Ensure Guests Safety
Food Safety Philosophy/Policy Food Safety Food Safety Training
Considerations for Guests with Allergies
  Park Safety
Customer Privacy Privacy Policy    
Information Security Policy    
Universal Design     Promotion of Barrier-Free Environment
Social Contributions Community Action Policy   Activities to Nurture and Support Children
  Initiatives for Local Communities