Policies and Regulations

Our Policy on Show Safety

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In order to offer our Guests a safe and enjoyable show experience, the OLC Group has developed a Policy on Show and Parade Safety.

Policy on Show and Parade Safety

To allow us to continue to create happiness and contentment by offering wonderful dreams and moving experiences, the OLC Group is dedicated to maintaining and enhancing the safety of our entertainment shows, and to achieving the highest standards of safety and quality.


  1. The OLC Group shall comply with all statutory safety regulations as well as the rules, regulations, standards and manuals indicated in our own safety guidelines.
  2. Safety shall be our highest priority in the development, design, construction, inspection, maintenance and operation of all entertainment shows.
  3. The OLC Group shall submit and enforce the safety standards set forth in our safety guidelines with respect to all business clients and partners, and shall strive to enhance the safety of show production and operation.
  4. The OLC Group shall provide education and training on safety to all its employees to further its goals in show safety

Management Structures

Management System for Facility and Equipment Safety

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Safety Guidelines for Equipment

Our Safety Guidelines govern the safety criteria in the design, construction, inspection and maintenance work undertaken on the equipment used in parades and shows at Tokyo Disneyland and Tokyo DisneySea, and are rigorously enforced. The purpose of these guidelines is so that all our Guests can watch and enjoy our parades and shows in safety and comfort.
The Safety Guidelines are composed of the following two guidelines:
The Guidelines on the Manufacturing and Construction of Show Equipment, which sets forth safety standards for the manufacturing of floats, stages and sets; and
The Guidelines for Maintenance, which provides detailed information on the cycles, content and methods to be employed in inspecting equipment used in shows and parades.

Management System for Safety in Manufacture and Inspection

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All floats, stages and sets are manufactured in accordance with the Guidelines for Manufacturing and Construction of Show Equipment. In addition to checking the safety of items produced, on the basis of strength calculations, safety is confirmed against a wide range of safety criteria that are designed to identify any risks, including those associated with nighttime float operation and that all structures are safe for both the Guests and the performers.

We have introduced a system for inspection and maintenance, under which maintenance plans (daily, monthly and annual inspections) are tailored to specific program components created internally and in line with our Maintenance Guidelines. The work of the inspections is outsourced to maintenance specialists that have been selected for their competence in this area.

We hire and assign engineers to oversee the manufacture and inspection of structures to ensure that safety is appropriately judged and maintained. We are also working to further enhance our safety monitoring by introducing a system where safety checks are conducted by contractors with extensive experience and expertise in design and structural calculations.

Management System for Operational Safety

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Inspections are an integral part of our daily routine. Technical and operations teams therefore perform pre-opening inspections prior to operating all shows or parades. Because shows and parades are affected by the weather on any given day, the person in charge of the day's operations will check the weather conditions and, using the OLC Group guidelines, make a decision as to whether specific shows and parades may be presented that day.

Cast Members stationed along the parade route
Cast Members stationed along the parade route

We have developed a system where Cast Members are stationed evenly along the approximately 800-meter parade route in numbers that are appropriate for the Guest attendance numbers as a precaution against unexpected occurrences such as children running into the path of an oncoming parade and to guide Guests to evacuation routes in the event of an emergency. To avoid any challenges that might arise as the result of large concentrations of Guests in a single area, we have also introduced a lottery system for certain shows.


Cast Members thoroughly observe the code of conduct - The Four Keys-, and receive regular training, so that they remain alert to potential risks while at work and are ready to take prompt and appropriate action in the event of an emergency.

Actions and Performances

A Monitoring System to Drive Floats Safely at Night

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For the Tokyo Disneyland Electrical Parade Dreamlights, in FY 2017 we started introducing in phases a float safety system, which monitors the road ahead when floats proceed at nighttime.

Employee Safety Training

We provide our employees with safety training to ensure that our Guests can enjoy safe and high-quality entertainment shows.
First-year employees assigned to entertainment undergo a safety awareness program, where they are offered a chance to experience various situations in order to enhance their safety awareness and sensitivity to potential hazards. Furthermore, through various case studies we aim to enable employees to acquire safe behavior and maintain and enhance workplace safety. Additionally, occupational health and safety training programs are also offered for all employees involved in shows to learn the keys to taking care of their physical health and prevent work-related incidents.