Policies and Regulations

Our Policy on Reducing Use of Disposable Plastic

The OLC Group is striving to reduce the use of disposable plastic in line with Our Environmental Policy.
With respect to items and restaurants, we will continue stepping up our measures to reduce the use of plastic by adopting renewable resources, among others. We are also continuing with our efforts to recycle waste plastic through rigorous sorting.

Targets for 2030 in Waste Management

Our Group has been taking actions to reduce waste, and has set the following targets in order to contribute to “Recycling-oriented society,” our ESG materiality. We will also continue to work on saving resources by reducing the amount of waste, rigorously enforcing the proper separation of different types of waste, and promoting recycling.

Key Goal
Indicator (KGI)
Quantitative target /
Qualitative target
KGI Quantitative target /
Qualitative target
Target year
Waste reduction target
10% reduction
(vs. FY 2016 levels)
Food loss reduction
50% reduction
(vs. FY 2019 levels)
Single use plastics
reduction target
25% reduction
(vs. FY 2018 levels)
Percentage recycled
[actual result]
(vs. FY2018 levels)
Resource saving
target on products
and services
7.8% reduction
(vs. FY 2018 levels)

The OLC Group’s Environmental Policy (Revised May 2022)

The OLC Group undertakes environmental activities in line with Our Environmental Policy.

Management Structures

The OLC Group’s Structures to Promote Waste Management

Our Group has established an Environmental Action Committee chaired by the Supervisor of the Corporate Strategy Planning Division (Executive Director and Executive Vice President Officer). The committee is responsible for planning and setting targets for the Company’s environmental activities including climate change. Established under the Environmental Action Committee, the Subcommittee on Resource Recycling shares our waste management policy across our Group and strengthens collaboration. We strive to implement initiatives to reduce environmental impact by conducting fact-finding surveys, and devise strategies for reducing waste generated by our Group including single use plastics.

Actions and Performances

Initiatives to Reduce Use of Disposable Plastic

Original reusable shopping bags
Original reusable shopping bags

We replaced plastic straws provided at restaurants at our Theme Parks and Disney hotels* with paper straws in March 2019. Furthermore, we also began using paper cups instead of plastic cups to serve beer at our Theme Parks in September 2019, as well as installing straw less cup lids at some restaurants in our Theme Parks in June 2021.
In addition, we started charging for the plastic shopping bags for merchandise purchases at locations within Tokyo Disney Resort, including Tokyo Disneyland and Tokyo DisneySea, from October 2020.We also started selling original reusable shopping bags.
In April 2022, we replaced plastic wrapping cushioning materials to paper materials at all shops in Tokyo Disney Resort. 


*Tokyo Disney Celebration Hotel, Disney Ambassodor Hotel, Tokyo Disney Sea Hotel MiraCosta,
   Tokyo Disneyland Hotel, Tokyo Disney Resort Toy Story Hotel