Even with our thorough governance systems in place, ultimately the awareness of the people who use these systems will decide if they will function or not. In recognition of this fact, the OLC Group is working to spread and raise awareness of OLC-WAY, a set of shared promises among all officers and employees.
By having all officers and employees fulfill the promises of “Honesty,” “Proactive Execution” and “Healthy Conflict” contained in OLC-WAY, we will better position ourselves to fully implement the “Medium-Term Plan” and our strategies.


To focus on “only in the present” and “only on yourself” is insufficient.

Always take a long-term perspective, and think from an all-inclusive, optimal point of view.

②Proactive Execution

There is no growth without action. First, challenge yourself.

Failure is the best teacher.

③Healthy Conflict

The precedent is not necessarily the best.
Discuss matters starting from zero and head toward the goal.