Oriental Land is pleased to announce that its investors website was awarded 6th place, "gold prize", among all listed companies on Morningstar Japan K.K. Gomez Consulting Dept.'s "Gomez IR Site Ranking 2016" in Nov, 2016.


"Gomez IR Site Ranking 2016" is based on information, ease of use, and information enhancement on the IR website of 3,493 publicity listed companies in Japan.


Morningstar's evaluation consists of four categories; "Websites' ease of use", "Enhancement of financial information", "Corporate and management information" and "Corporate attitude toward information disclosure", and 239 items.


We will pursue the further enhancement for investors and shareholders to understand our company better through our corporate website including “Investor Relation” and keep up our efforts of making our disclosure more accurate and timely.


For further details, please see Press Release issued by Morningstar Japan K.K. (in Japanese only).