April 30, 2021


OLC Group has decided to expand on its existing CSR initiatives and aim for more sustainable management by incorporating responses to global environmental and social issues into its management and business strategies. As part of this effort, we have set a medium- to long-term target for the entire group for the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions.


 Medium- to long-term target for the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions

  • 40% reduction (in comparison to fiscal 2018 levels) by fiscal year 2030
  • Net zero by fiscal year 2050


Our group has been making efforts to reduce carbon emissions as part of our actions in response to climate change. These actions include introduction of high-efficiency facilities and equipment, such as a large-scale heat source facility, as well as other various initiatives.


Our further efforts to mitigate climate change, include introduction of high-efficiency equipment, conservation of electricity through a system to visualize and monitor electricity use, reduction of power consumption by switching to LED lighting, and continued use of solar power. In addition, we will enhance sustainability through striving to reduce climate change risks by procurement of renewable energy  and to improve our resilience and ability to adapt to climate change.

These initiatives will contribute to the achievement of the following target for Sustainable Development Goals.



Sustainable Development Goal 13: Climate Action


Our group considers addressing climate change and natural disasters as two of the most important environmental issues and we will strive to attain a sustainable society.