Sep 7, 2020

The OLC group is promoting the reduction of single-use plastic packaging, based on “Our Environmental Policy”.

Concept image of a shopping bag
Concept image of a shopping bag

Starting October 1, 2020, The shopping bags currently provided without charge for merchandise purchases at locations within Tokyo Disney Resort, including Tokyo Disneyland® Park and Tokyo DisneySea® Park, will only be available for a fee.


They will be available at 20 yen(tax included) per bag each for either size on requests. This bag is made from the same materials used currently, the shopping bags will be environmentally friendly and combine 40% biomass materials.

*Please note that shopping bags provided at some restaurants will also be available for a fee.


Ahead of this upcoming change, shops within Tokyo Disney Resort are selling original reusable shopping bags as of July 2020. Guests will not only be able to make use of this bag while at the Resort, but also when shopping elsewhere.


We will continue to promote environmental actions in order to hand on the precious global environment to the next generation, and continue to offer wonderful dreams, moving experiences, happiness and contentment.