1983 Apr.

Tokyo Disneyland opens.

1985 Jan.

Magic Journeys opens (closes December 1986).


“Tokyo Disneyland Electrical Parade” premieres

(ends June 1995)

1986 Mar.

Alice's Tea Party opens.


American Journeys opens (closes August 1992).


Cinderella Castle Mystery Tour opens (closes in April 2006).

1987 Mar.

Captain EO opens (closes September 1996).


Big Thunder Mountain opens.

1988 Apr.

Tokyo Disneyland celebrates its 5th anniversary.

1989 Jul.

Star Tours opens.

1991 May.

Tokyo Disneyland welcomes its 100 millionth guest.

1992 Oct.

Splash Mountain opens.

1993 Apr.

Tokyo Disneyland celebrates its 10th anniversary.
Visionarium opens (closes September 2002).
The Disney Gallery opens.


Swiss Family Treehouse opens.

1994 Aug.

Tokyo Disneyland welcomes its 150 millionth guest.

1995 Jul.

“Disney's FANTILLUSION!” premieres (ends May 2001)

1996 Apr.

Toontown opens to the public.

1997 Apr.

MicroAdventure! opens.


Tokyo Disneyland welcomes its 200 millionth guest.

1998 Apr.

Tokyo Disneyland celebrates its 15th anniversary.

2000 Jul.

Tokyo Disneyland welcomes its 250 millionth guest.


Pooh’s Hunny Hunt opens.

2001 Jun.

“Tokyo Disneyland Electrical Parade Dreamlights” premieres.

2002 Nov.

Tokyo Disneyland welcomes its 301 millionth guest.

2003 Apr.

Tokyo Disneyland celebrates its 20th anniversary.

2004 Apr.

Buzz Lightyear's Astro Blasters opens.

2006 Nov.

The two Parks celebrate their combined 400 millionth guest.

2009 Apr.

Monsters, Inc. Ride & Go Seek! opens.

2010 Jul.

Captain EO returns.

2011 April.

Cinderella's Fairy Tale Hall opens.

2013 May.

Star Tours:The Adventures Continue opens.

2014 Apr.

The two Parks celebrate their combined 600 millionth guest.

2014 Sep.

Jungle Cruise:Wildlife Expeditions opens.

2015 Jul.

Stitch Encounter opens.

2016 Nov.

Camp Woodchuck opens.

2017 Jul.

The two Parks celebrate their combined 700 millionth guest.

2020 Sep.

Tokyo Disneyland Expansion Areas to Open.