■Long-term Shareholder Benefit Program

In addition to the current shareholder benefit program, Oriental Land will distribute the complimentary passport tickets to shareholders*1 for Tokyo Disney Resort 40th Anniversary. 
*1  It is subject to the same conditions of use as the complimentary passports for shareholders that is distributed under the current shareholder benefit program.

The details of the long-term shareholder benefit program will be changed from the record date of September 30, 2023. For more details, click here. 

Distribution criteria

Tokyo Disney Resort 40th Anniversary(*2)

Target recipient

Shareholders who hold 100 shares and over of Oriental Land’s stock and remain listed on the registered and/or beneficial shareholders’ lists on all record dates (September 30 and March 31) under the same shareholder number from September 30, 2018 to September 30, 2023.


*It must be noted that you will become no longer eligible if you change your shareholder number.
Sample occasions where a shareholder number may change include:
Changes to information in the shareholder registry
-    A change to the name of shareholder in the context of inheritance or other reasons
-    A change in the stock custodian securities company
Delisted from the shareholder registry and then signed up for again in the case where you: 
-    Entrust stock lending services at a securities firm
-    Sell out all OLC stock you hold and repurchase them before a record date.
Sell out all OLC stock you hold at your custodian securities firm and purchase OLC stock at another firm.


Passport tickets per shareholder

(Each shareholder receives the same,
regardless of the number of shares held.)

Distribution date

December 2023 (scheduled)

*2  The distribution will be one-time-only in December 2023. 

Image of distribution schedule