Policies on Compiling the CSR Report

The OLC Group’s policies on reporting about CSR are as follows.

OLC Group CSR Information (web & PDF)
The OLC Group’s CSR activities are exhaustively reported under the framework of Policies and Regulations, Management Structures, and Actions and Performances.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we closed Tokyo Disneyland and Tokyo DisneySea on February 29, 2020. We resumed operations on July 1, 2020 by giving a top priority on securing the health and safety of Guests and Cast Members in accordance with instructions provided by government authorities, in addition to taking measures based on the sector-wide guidelines for amusement and theme parks, which were prepared in view of the Basic Policies for Novel Coronavirus Disease Control by the Government of Japan.
As such, the attractions, entertainment, restaurants and shops at both Theme Parks are either operated by setting limits to the numbers of Guests, or closed. In order to ensure health and safety of our Guests, we regularly clean the facilities as well as actively ask them to have adequate social distance. Contents marked as “Tokyo Disney Repsort”in this report indicate contents before closure of the Theme parks. Therefore, some scenes on the report are altered with current (as of 30th November,2020) operation formats for the COVID-19.Also, CSR program information is subject to partial change.
Visit Tokyo Disney Resort official website for important details to know before you visit. Tokyo Disney Resort Official Website.


Annual Report
CSR information is covered under the framework of ESG.

Formulated in FY 2009, the OLC Group CSR Policy identifies key values for the OLC Group in promoting our CSR initiatives. The Five Values are the foundation on which each of the OLC Group’s CSR reporting tools are structured. For each item, we have described how we recognize and approach social challenges, as well as specific initiatives we undertake. 

The Five Values

Website Title

Dynamic and inspiring workplace

Our Employees

Commitment to our Guests

Our Guests and the Community

Children are our future

Community Programs

Caring for the environment

Environmental Commitments

Looking Ahead in CSR Communication

We interviewed various stakeholders and experts within and outside the OLC Group and took their opinions and suggestions into account in compiling this year's CSR report, as we have done in years past.
The OLC Group welcomes and appreciates interest and feedback on this report and on our CSR initiatives, and is committed to enhancing the quality of our CSR communications.

Scope of OLC Group CSR Report 2020

This report primarily covers corporate social responsibility initiatives undertaken by the OLC Group. Instances where information is relevant only to the Oriental Land Co., Ltd. or to an OLC Group entity will be indicated. All Tokyo Disney Resort CSR efforts outlined in this report are conducted and managed by the Oriental Land Co., Ltd.in its capacity as owner/operator of Tokyo Disney Resort under license from Disney Enterprises Inc. The report places a primary focus on introducing initiatives taken at our Theme Parks, whose net sales account for more than 80 percent of the entire net sales generated by the OLC Group. Initiatives undertaken at facilities operated by the OLC Group within Tokyo Disney Resort are as follows:

Scope and structure


Group-wide initiatives

OLC Group

Oriental Land Co., Ltd. initiatives

Oriental Land Co., Ltd. or the Company

Tokyo Disney Resort® initiatives
 Tokyo Disneyland®
 Tokyo DisneySea®
 Disney Ambassador Hotel®
 Tokyo DisneySea Hotel MiraCosta®
 Tokyo Disneyland® Hotel
 Tokyo Disney Celebration Hotel®
 Bon Voyage
 Disney Resort Line
 Maihama Amphitheater

Tokyo Disney Resort

Combined Tokyo Disneyland® and Tokyo DisneySea® initiatives 

Theme Parks 

Separate Tokyo Disneyland® and Tokyo DisneySea® initiatives 

Tokyo Disneyland
or Tokyo DisneySea 

*Certain companies within the OLC Group are licensed by Disney Enterprises, Inc. to manage and operate Tokyo Disneyland, Tokyo DisneySea, the Disney Hotels and the Disney Resort Line. All of the Disney-branded CSR activities outlined in this report are conducted and managed by Oriental Land Co., Ltd. in its capacity as owner/operator of Tokyo Disney Resort.


This report draws together the corporate social responsibility initiatives of the OLC Group.

Information on CSR at The Walt Disney Company is available at the following location:

Time Frame for the OLC Group CSR Report 2020

The initiatives presented in this report are mainly applicable to the OLC Group's FY 2019 (April 1, 2019 - March 31, 2020), although information is also provided for ongoing and special CSR programs outside the fiscal year.

Publishing Date

November 2020


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