The growth of Tokyo Disney Resort (2001 – 2018)

Starting with the 20th anniversary of Tokyo Disneyland in 2003, Tokyo Disney Resort has held anniversary events every 5 years - 25th, 30th, and 35th, gathering many guests from all over the nation to continuously break record highs in attendance.

The 20th anniversary in 2003 themed on “Dreams” had a gorgeous anniversary event. The retrospective show looking back the past 20 years aroused memories in the mind of many guests, which created a buzz. 
And in 2013 when people overcame the Great East Japan Earthquake 2 years ago, Tokyo Disneyland marked the 30th year since its opening. 
The anniversary theme was “Happiness”. The name of the parade started in the year was “Happiness Is Here”, a message meaning that happiness is here with you. The combined attendance of the 2 parks in the fiscal year surpassed 30 million-mark for the first time. 

Thanks to the excellent performance of the 35th anniversary event in Tokyo Disney Resort, its attendance exceeded the record high of 32 million in 2018. A lot of effort was made to improve the quality of guest experience which came to fruition. To name a few, a new daytime parade “Dreaming Up!”, a new nighttime spectacular “Celebrate! Tokyo Disneyland”, the renewal of “It’s A Small World” which has been highly popular since the opening, as well as other new contents and newly-themed seasonal  events. 

It’s not just about attractions and shows. The spirit of hospitality of cast members (employees) inspires guests even more. Warm hospitality of each cast member is one of the unavoidable and important elements of theme park operation. At Oriental Land, we make efforts to motivate cast members to work at our place through review on personnel system and expansion of education system. 

For example, we have an annual event called “Thanks day” at Oriental Land where cast members will be guests.  This is the day when we reserve the parks after closing, and bosses and board members entertain cast members at the parks in thanks for their daily efforts. 
We also have other programs to motivate cast members, because in order to make guests happy, we ourselves have to be happy.