Disney Resort Line

Disney Resort LineDisney Resort Line is a monorail system with a unique and playful design. The trains have blue, yellow, green, purple, or peach colored stripes, and the windows and strap handles are in the shape of Disney's most famous character, Mickey Mouse.

This monorail system runs along a circuit of approximately five kilometers, with four stations providing convenient access to JR Keiyo Line's Maihama station, Ikspiari, Tokyo Disneyland Park, the Guest parking area on the bay side of the Resort, and Tokyo DisneySea Park. The design of each station incorporates architecture and themes suited to its location.

In addition to providing convenient transportation within the Resort, the view through the windows also provides a fun introduction to the many destinations within Tokyo Disney Resort.

The Disney Resort Line is easily accessible for Guests with disabilities and special needs, and provides various facilities in line with barrier-free transportation laws and ordinances, and more. These facilities include elevators, escalators, ticket vending machines that are tilted forward, baby seats, and restrooms with diaper-changing tables.

Facts and Data

Name Disney Resort Line
Management Maihama Resort Line Co., Ltd.
Business qualification Type I Railway Business
Opening date July 27, 2001
Route Single-track circuit of approximately five kilometers
Train type Straddle type monorail
Name of stations Resort Gateway Station
Tokyo Disneyland Station
Bayside Station
Tokyo DisneySea Station
Train composition 6 train cars, approximately 84 meters long
Capacity 537 passengers per train
Total Operating Expenses Approximately 37 billion yen

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