Kyoichiro Uenishi, President and COO

A message to shareholders and investors from Kyoichiro Uenishi, Representative Director, President and COO of Oriental Land Co., Ltd.

Record high attendance achieved

During the fiscal year ended March 31, 2019, our two Theme Parks were able to welcome a total of 32.56 million Guests, mainly due to the successful Tokyo Disney Resort 35th “Happiest Celebration!” held throughout the year. As a result, our net sales and all levels of profit achieved record high figures. I would like to express my sincere gratitude to our Guests, shareholders and investors, and all other stakeholders for the tremendous support they have extended to the OLC Group, without which we could never have achieved this excellent outcome.

Updates on 2020 Medium-term Plan

In the fiscal year ended March 2019, the second year under our 2020 Medium-term Plan, we made tangible progress in our plan set at the beginning of the year toward enhancing novelty and comfort.
I believe we succeeded in providing our Guests with “novelty” through a host of new contents, including the Daytime Parade commenced in step with the Tokyo Disney Resort 35th Anniversary Events and the re-opening of “it’s a small world.” In our efforts to offer enhanced “comfort” to our Guests, we leveraged IT to improve Guests’ convenience. Specifically, our Tokyo Disney Resort App, which was newly introduced last summer as our official app for smartphones, was reinforced with the addition of information such as  attraction waiting time and a shopping function.
The 2020 Medium-term Plan is advancing steadily, with construction work progressing as planned for the large-scale development of Tokyo Disneyland Park scheduled to open in the spring of 2020.

“Soaring: Fantastic Flight” will open in fiscal year ending March 2020

In July this year, the much-awaited “Soaring: Fantastic Flight” will open at Tokyo DisneySea. This attraction is based on “Soarin’,” a large-scale attraction hugely popular in Disney Theme Parks overseas, but with the addition of Tokyo DisneySea’s original scenes that can only be experienced at this park. Furthermore, “Donald’s Hot Jungle Summer” will be rolled out at Tokyo Disneyland as a new special event. Thus, we will continue offering “novelty” to our Guests this year.
The new fiscal year starting April 2019 will be a critical year in strengthening our business foundation for achieving further growth. Moderate from the especially strong performance achieved in the previous fiscal year, we are projecting net sales and operating profit of ¥525.6 billion and ¥129.2 billion, respectively, for the single fiscal year. However, we will stick to our goal of achieving record high attendance and operating cash flow figures for the fiscal year ending March 2021, the final year of the 2020 Medium-term Plan.


We hope to meet your expectations for the OLC Group’s long-term sustainable growth, and ask for your continued support.

April 2019


Representative Director

President and COO