The OLC Group has long been involved in corporate social responsibility [CSR] activities, and we wish to forever remain a company that can deliver “dreams, moving experiences, happiness and contentment.” To this end, we have decided to shift gears to focus on enhancing sustainability as a corporate entity and contribute to achieving the Sustainable Development Goals [SDGs] by addressing environmental and social issues as an integral part of our management efforts.

For details, please refer to Our Approach to Sustainability.

we have decided to designate this fiscal year as the preparation time to discuss our new perspectives and approaches, based on which we plan to announce our next Medium-term Plan in the spring of 2022.

Investment for growth in FY2021 and beyond

Tokyo Disney Resort Toy Story® Hotel


Apr. 5, 2022 [scheduled]


Toy Story Film Series


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Facility details

Floor Space About 40,000㎡ [hotel building only]
Number of Rooms 595
Facilities ・Restaurant
・Disney shop
・Multistory Parking, etc.
Total Project Cost Approx. \31.5 billion



Tokyo DisneySea Large-Scale Expansion Project

Opening In fiscal year ending March 2024 [scheduled]
Theme Magical springs that lead to a world of Disney fantasy

Overall view of New Themed Port Fantasy Springs in Tokyo DisneySea


About 100,000m 30 2 [about 140,000m2 including backstage area]


FY 3/24 [scheduled]

Themes of the areas and the number of facilities


1 attraction, 1 restaurant

Themes of the areas and the number of facilities


1 attraction, 1 restaurant

Themes of the areas and the number of facilities

Peter Pan

2 attraction, 1 restaurant

Effectiveness of investment

Investment amount
Approx. ¥250 billion       
Investment effect
  • Boost-up effect on net sales by ¥50 billion annually
  • Consolidated net sales are expected to reach the range of mid ¥500 billion to the high ¥500 billion


Composed of three areas, four attractions, and a hotel

Policy for Long-Term Growth

Tokyo Disney Resort <Tokyo Disneyland>
The new plans will apply to all seven themed lands, including
Fantasyland. An area-based development for each themed land is
intended to leave a lasting impact on the Park
<Tokyo DisneySea>
To achieve a significant breakthrough, the expansion of the existing
site and utilization of new development will create an environment
with a higher degree of Guest satisfaction from qualitative as well as
quantitative standpoint
<Hotel within Tokyo Disney Resort>
To add more value to Tokyo Disney Resort as whole, improve the
environment as a resort, including making more guest rooms,
and increase value of the stay

Further boost the level of net sales with continued large-scale investment

New Business Establishment of Oriental Land Innovations
Regardless of the establishment of new company, we will continue
on the research on the business field expected to grow, and widely
consider to contribute to persistent growth of the OLC group
Plans for the new business aimed at growing it into single business
segment will be considered in ways that are not by specific timeframe

Broader investigation for further development

Formulate policy from a long-term perspective and realize plans
by taking the internal/external environment into consideration

Reference Data

Please look at IR Presentation Material to see more information. We provide details and progress of the Medium-Term Plan.

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