Policies and Regulations

Adhering to the Spirit of the PRTR System

Under the Pollutant Release and Transfer Register (PRTR) system provided by Japan's Act on Confirmation, etc., of Release Amounts of Specific Chemical Substances in the Environment and Promotion of Improvements to the Management thereof, designated business operators are required to track the emission and transfer* of PRTR substances and to submit detailed reports to the government. Although the reporting requirements of the PRTR system do not apply to the OLC Group, we voluntarily investigate emissions and transfers of PRTR substances at Theme Parks each year in line with the PRTR system in order to reduce our emissions of these chemical substances. 
Most of the PRTR substances used by the OLC Group are contained in paints and cleaning products used at our Theme Parks.
The use of PRTR substances, including the paints used to recreate buildings from the early 20th century and in various other Theme Parks productions, as well as those used in routine maintenance work, is closely supervised in accordance with safety data sheets. The sheets provide information on chemical components, properties and handling guidelines, and we strive to control their emission and transfer within appropriate levels.
The OLC Group will continue to reduce the use of these chemicals by replacing them with alternative substances and redesigning facilities into those that do not require any paint to be applied.

*Operators are required to track what types of chemical substances are discharged into which environment, and what types of chemical substances are transferred to off-premises.

OLC Group’s Environmental Policy

The OLC Group undertakes environmental activities in line with Our Environmental Policy.

Management Structures

Environmental Action Committee and Subcommittee on Chemical Management

The OLC Group has established an Environmental Action Committee to promote the environmental activities of the Group. This committee is chaired by Officer in charge of Social Activity Promotion Department and is responsible for planning and setting targets for the company’s environmental activities. Positioned under the Environmental Action Committee, the Subcommittee on Chemical Management conducts fact-finding surveys, devises strategies for addressing environmental issues, and implements initiatives to reduce environmental impact.

Chemical Substance Management System at the OLC Group

We have established an “OLC Group Chemical Substance Management Guideline” that contains the general handling precautions for chemical substances, storage and disposal methods and confirmation items for related employees, and we are promoting the proper management and operation of chemical substances.


Actions and Performances

Efforts to Reduce Chemical Emissions

Tokyo Disney Resort's

The OLC Group continues to conduct fact-finding surveys on the usage, discharge and transfer of PTPR substances annually and will search for and implement methods of reducing emissions and using alternative paints and other materials. We have thus far cut down on the use of toluene and xylene by switching to water-based paints and have substantially reduced the use of AE (poly (oxyethylene) alkyl ether) by discontinuing use of AE dishwashing detergent.

Proper management of paints used at Theme Parks
Proper management of paints used at Theme Parks

Furthermore, when redesigning structures and pavement materials at our Theme Parks to facilitate maintenance, we also strive to reduce the use of paint and construction materials containing chemical substances in consideration of the environment.
For example, in the waiting area for the Haunted Mansion, we applied no paint to the curbstone and changed the pavement materials to those containing no chemical substances.

Applied no paint to the curbstone and eliminated chemical substances from pavement materials
Applied no paint to the curbstone and eliminated chemical substances from pavement materials