Policies and Regulations

Environmental Policy of the OLC Group

The OLC Group has established Our Environmental Policy that sets forth guidelines for action and our philosophy governing the OLC Group's environmental activities. Our Environmental Philosophy affirms our commitment to working in harmony with the environment throughout our business so that we may continue to offer magical dreams and moving experiences to future generations. Our Environmental Action Policy represents our responsibility to adopt environmentally conscious business practices, to observe environmental laws and regulations and hold to the voluntary standards developed by the OLC Group. Our intent is also to make improvements in this area, and to provide training and development opportunities to our employees.

Our Environmental Policy (Established November in 2005)

Environmental Philosophy
~To bring magical dreams and moving experiences to future generations~

We seek to work in harmony with the environment in all our business so that we may continue to offer magical dreams, moving experiences, delight and contentment into the future.


OLC Group Environmental Action Policy

  1. The OLC Group will make every effort to fight global warming, conserve energy, prevent pollution, engage in green purchasing, consider biodiversity and reduce and recycle waste in all aspects of its business operations.
  2. The OLC Group will comply with all statutory regulations and internal standards related to the environment.
  3. The OLC Group will establish, implement and review environmental objectives and targets on a regular basis.
  4. The OLC Group will offer education and training to all our employees so that they understand and are capable of acting independently on our environmental policies.

Our Policy on Reducing Use of Disposable Plastic

The OLC Group is striving to reduce the use of disposable plastic in line with Our Environmental Policy.
On March 2019, we replaced the plastic straws used at some restaurants at our Theme Parks and hotels with paper straws.
With respect to items and restaurants where safety and convenience can be secured, we will continue stepping up our measures to reduce the use of plastic by adopting renewable resources, among others. We are also continuing with our efforts to recycle waste plastic through rigorous sorting.

Reducing Environmental Impact across Supply Chain

The OLC Group has in place the OLC Group Vendors Code of Conduct with the aim of fulfilling its social responsibility across the entire supply chain.
To encourage our suppliers to advance their measures for environmental protection, the Code of Conduct prescribes our efforts to reduce all kinds of environmental impact, as well as to comply with laws, regulations and other standards, for the purpose of preventing global warming and environmental contamination as well as giving consideration to biodiversity.
Furthermore, as part of our efforts aimed at reducing impact to ecosystems in the course of procurement, we have in place guidelines on the procurement of paper.  The guidelines require that illegal or excessive deforestation is avoided and recommend using paper made 100% of recycled paper in the office.

Management Structures

The OLC Group Environmental Management Structure

The OLC Group has a committee in place to promote environmental initiatives


Structures to Promote Environmental Action

The OLC Group has established an Environmental Action Committee to promote the environmental activities of the Group. This committee is chaired by Executive Director in charge of Social Activity Promotion Department and is responsible for planning and setting targets for the company’s environmental activities. The Environmental Action Committee is comprised of four subcommittees *. These subcommittees conduct fact-finding surveys, devise strategies for addressing environmental issues, and implement initiatives to reduce environmental impact. 
Since FY 2010, the Chairperson of the Environmental Action Committee has been appointed to supervise our energy management pursuant to the Amended Act on the Rational Use of Energy with the goal of systematically performing the proactive conservation of energy. 
Going forward, we intend to keep enhancing our environmental management structure and operate our business in harmony with the environment.



The four subcommittees are: the Subcommittee on Global Warming Prevention, the Subcommittee on Energy Management, the Subcommittee on Waste Management and the Subcommittee on Chemicals Management (as of June 2019).

Internal Environmental Audits

Since FY 2015, the OLC Group has been implementing theme-based internal environmental audits. In FY 2018, “environmental audit on farming business” and “compliance with the Act on Recycling of Specified Home Appliances and the Act on Promotion of Recycling of Small Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment” were audited.

Actions and Performances

Compliance with Environmental Laws and Regulations

The OLC Group ensures that information on environmental laws and regulations is shared across the Group by using a checklist, and keeps track of legal revisions with support from relevant external service providers.
In FY 2018, we experienced neither serious accidents concerning the environment nor payment of environmental penalties.

Environmental Education Activities for Employees

The OLC Group offers e-learning programs in order to raise employees’ awareness of the importance of environmental conservation.
 We also engage in a variety of efforts to educate employees about environmental issues, including publishing an environmental series in our in-house newsletter and hosting environment-themed events.

Internal exhibition “Environmental Fair”
Internal exhibition “Environmental Fair”

Environmental Impact Status of Tokyo Disney Resort

Tokyo Disney Resort's

The environmental impact of Tokyo Disney Resort’s FY 2018 business operations is indicated here.