Policies and Regulations

Our Merchandise Safety Policy

Oriental Land Co., Ltd. has developed a Policy on Product Safety and Quality to facilitate the development of products, so they are safe and of high quality. Every effort is made to verify compliance with safety standards, and we also work with our suppliers and manufacturers to ensure that they meet our safety requirements.

Policy on Product Safety and Quality

— Making Sure Our Guests Take Home Happy Memories —

To allow us to create happiness and contentment by offering “wonderful dreams, moving experiences, delight and contentment”, the OLC Group is dedicated to the safety and quality of all our merchandise and to offering our Guests the highest-quality exclusive products.

Merchandise Safety and Quality Actions

  1. The OLC Group shall comply with all statutory safety regulations as well as the rules, regulations, standards and manuals indicated in our own safety guidelines.
  2. The safety and quality of our merchandise shall be our top priority throughout every stage of the process, from planning and development to production, distribution and sales.
  3. Compliance with the OLC Group's Merchandise Department Quality Control Standards shall be monitored and enforced both internally and among manufacturers and suppliers.
  4. Every effort shall be made to enhance the tests and inspections performed by third-party testing laboratories to maintain and enhance our quality controls.
  5. Feedback from Guests shall be taken in good faith, and we shall take immediate action to check and deal with any substandard merchandise.

Management Structures

Product Safety Management

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Production Process Management

Giving consideration to the working environment at manufacturing plants
Giving consideration to the working environment at manufacturing plants

At Oriental Land Co., Ltd. we implement rigorous quality control in the production process of our merchandise, while giving consideration to the labor conditions and work environment of our suppliers and manufacturing facilities to build cooperative relationships throughout the entire supply chain.
We request our suppliers to cooperate with on-site audits and pre-shipping inspections by OLC-Group employees and our designated third-party auditors in accordance with the type and category of the products they produce.
Our Disney-branded products are manufactured complying with Disney’s International Labor Standards program (ILS program) that sets standards to prevent occurrence of child labor, labor without free will, discrimination, and ensure health and safety of the workers, and have been manufactured in factories assessed as fulfilling the ILS requirements in regular audit. When initiating manufacturing, OLC audit that assesses their technology and productivity is also implemented. 
When non-compliance has been pointed out by an ILS program auditor or the OLC Group’s auditor, our staff visits the manufacturing plant in question to propose ideas for improvement and to provide other support.

Quality Inspection

Theme Parks’ merchandise includes plush toys, key chains and other general merchandise as well as candies, chocolates and other confectionery products. A wide array of original merchandise is on sale in our stores at any given time. In order to verify the safety and quality of all these products, we have developed our own quality inspection standards that incorporate the legal and regulatory safety requirements of Japan, Europe and America, and all original merchandise is subject to testing by independent inspection agencies.

Collaboration with Suppliers

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Briefing session on product quality enhancement
Briefing session on product quality enhancement

At Oriental Land Co., Ltd., we make efforts to strengthen collaboration with our suppliers through a variety of measures with the aim of complying with laws and regulations, ensuring product safety, and fulfilling a wide range of social responsibilities throughout the supply chain, including protecting workers’ safety, respecting human rights, and protecting the environment.

We annually update documents and manuals required for each stage in product development and production of those sold in our Theme Parks, including quality inspection standards, safe manufacturing manuals, price tag management methods, and details of pre-shipment and pre-delivery inspection, and send them to our suppliers. In addition, we hold regular briefing sessions to promote our suppliers’ understanding of our ways and seek to permeate our basic policy for product safety and quality.
In FY 2019, in order to reinforce quality control, we also hosted briefing sessions conveying our quality control policy, the details of the OLC audit, and the importance of examination and product inspection as well as briefing sessions to learn how the ILS program that sets standards to prevent occurrence of child labor, labor without free will, discrimination, and ensure health and safety of the workers, is implemented and inform our suppliers of precautions to be taken. A total of around 150 suppliers attended these sessions.

At the briefing session on ILS, we support the suppliers by showing examples of improvements that had been made against noncompliance such as inappropriate record taking, closure of information on their labor state at audits, use of the unapplied factories, and about emergency measures such as safety drills and fire protection measures.

Employee Training

Employees working at stores that carry confectionery and other foods undergo a general hygiene management program, where they learn about food hygiene management and food labeling. This knowledge is essential for store operations ranging from product delivery to sales.

Contact for Inquiries

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All merchandise-related inquiries, comments and requests are handled by the Tokyo Disney Resort Guest Merchandise Service Department and our system enables us to respond immediately.

We also ensure that our Guests’ input is reflected in our product development and improvements.

We are constantly making improvements by drawing on ideas from Cast Members at shops as well as feedback from Guests.


Actions and Performances

Product Development to Ensure Guests Safety

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When developing merchandise for our Theme Parks, consideration needs to be given to the fact that children tend to make sudden actions. To make sure that our products are not only well designed and functional but also damage-resistant even when they have been subject to impact or being bitten, we have developed a set of safety standards and put all merchandise through dropping, tensile and compression tests as well as chemical examinations to confirm their safety.

Our Commitment to General Merchandise Safety

The Food Sanitation Act regulates the use of six phthalate esters (plasticizers) in toys. Oriental Land Co., Ltd. applies this regulation not just to our toys, but to all merchandise made of plastic.
We test our plush toys for flammability against our safety standards requiring the flame spread rate to be 2.5 mm/second or slower.

Our Commitment to Clothing Safety

Formaldehyde, which is a processing agent used on clothing, is considered a cause of skin allergies. The law states that formaldehyde levels must be 0.05 abs or lower in clothing for infants (age 24 months or younger). At Oriental Land Co., Ltd., we abide by a stricter standard in order to promote clothing safety: formaldehyde levels in our products must be 0.03 abs or lower.

Our Commitment to Food Labeling

At Oriental Land Co., Ltd., we provide eight types of nutritional information on food labels, including calories, saturated fatty acid, trans fatty acid and cholesterol.

Also, along with our Food Safety Philosophy, which states that “everything begins with safety,” we have established a “Policy on Food Safety Activities” with the aim of ensuring the safety and security of all food provided and sold by the Group. In addition, we are working to manage food safety by conducting voluntary checks as well as assessments, inspections and educational activities.