Policies and Regulations

Basic Approach to Women Empowerment and Supporting Employees with Family Care

At Oriental Land Co., Ltd., we are focusing on boosting inclusion. In other words, we are trying to create an environment in which every employee can gain experience and reach their full potential.
Aiming to raise the proportion of female managers to at least 15% by FY 2021, we are working to expand our training and education programs, and to ensure that employees are able to continue along their career path while raising children or caring for family members.

Actions and Performances

Promoting Active Participation of Women in Workforce

At Oriental Land Co., Ltd., we have been working to create an environment where our employees can focus on their work without worry. Accordingly, our corporate culture makes it possible for numerous female employees to work on an equal footing with men.
At present, the difference in number of years of continuous service between male and female corporate employees is 4.8. Women account for 43.1% of corporate employees, and 76.4% of Cast Members and other workers (as of the end of March 2019).
We will continue working to make our workplaces better suited for female employees to fulfill their potential, ensuring that women can make use of their skills on an equal footing with their male colleagues and are able to continue their careers.

Difference in years of continuous service between men and women (corporate employees at Oriental Land Co., Ltd.)

As of March 31, 2018 As of March 31, 2019
Women 13.2 years 13.1 years
Men 18.5 years 17.9 years
Difference 5.3 years 4.8 years

Percentage of female employees (Oriental Land Co., Ltd.)

As of March 31, 2018 As of March 31, 2019
Corporate employees 41.8% Female 1,405
Male 1,855
Female Ratio 43.1%
Other workers 77.0% Female 16,998
Male 5,248
Female Ratio 76.4%

Initiatives to Support Employees with childcare

At Oriental Land Co., Ltd., we adopt a wide range of systems designed to help employees keep working while fulfilling childcare responsibility.
We have set up a childcare leave program for all employees, which is available until the day before the child reaches 12 months of age. According to circumstances, the period can be extended until the child reaches 18 or 24 months of age, or until the first April 30 after the child turns 24 months of age if his/her birthday is in April.
We also have introduced various programs for employees returning to work after taking childcare leave: childcare hours, reduced working hours for childcare, exemptions from working extra hours, late-night and holiday shifts, as well as time off to care for sick children. In FY 2016, we additionally introduced a childcare subsidy program for corporate employees who work in shifts if their spouse also works.

Examples of Initiatives



Childcare leave seminar (held once every three months)

For employees scheduled to take childcare leave. Provides tips on how to prepare for and what to do during leave.

Return-to-work seminar (held once a year; in around February to March)

For employees on childcare leave. Provides participants with information on the range of support offered by the company after their return to work, as well as an opportunity to think about their own career building to help them feel confident about returning to work.

Awareness program for officers/managers (held irregularly)

Provides an opportunity to think what needs to be valued in managing an organization comprised of diverse members.

  • FY 2016: Diversity Management Forum
  • FY 2017: Seminar on long-term family care
Return-to-work seminar
Return-to-work seminar