Policies, Regulations and Management Structures

Our Basic Position on Information Disclosure

The OLC Group actively disseminates information to all its stakeholders. We observe laws and regulations pertaining to information disclosure, including the Financial Instruments and Exchange Act, etc., as well as the Tokyo Stock Exchange’s rules on the timely disclosure of information. In addition, we disclose information deemed essential to understanding and assessing our business activities in a fair, timely and appropriate manner through various means such as news releases, website updates and briefing meetings.
Our goal in disclosing corporate information is to enhance management transparency, to build bonds of mutual understanding and trust with our stakeholders and in doing so create dialogue in management, a stance that is central to our business philosophy. The opinions and assessments put forward by our stakeholders are reported to the management team on a regular basis so that they may be reflected in decisions made by the OLC Group.

Disclosure of Negative Information

The OLC Group is deeply committed to compliance, safety and quality assurance. We promptly disclose information via news release, etc., if any incidents occur, and will continue to disclose information in a timely and appropriate manner, even where such information is detrimental to the OLC Group.

Actions and Performances

OLC’s IR Activities

IR Activities

We have 10 staff members who assist top management, officers and department heads in order to enhance the transparency and speed of information disclosure. We strive to make information accessible by providing videos of earnings announcements, audio recordings of the quarterly earnings and Japanese and English versions of IR information for first-time investors.

Proactive Information Disclosure and Listening to Shareholder and Investor Feedback

We believe it is important that shareholders and investors have the opportunity to communicate with our management. This is why we hold meetings to exchange views with shareholders and investors, participate in conferences in Japan and abroad that are hosted by securities firms, and hold information sessions for retail investors and sales people at securities firms. Meanwhile, to communicate the views of shareholders and investors within our Company, we provide briefings to our top management team and annually hold more than 50 division-by-division presentation sessions using our financial presentation materials.

We also categorize thousands of opinions, requests or critiques we receive from retail investors, of whom we have roughly 190,000, and regularly give feedback to employees in order to improve our operations.