Actions and Performances

Happiness and Hospitality

Tokyo Disney Resort

The OLC Group continues to spread happiness through its Theme Parks business.
Disney Theme Parks provide “Happiness” to our Guests through outstanding attractions, shows and parades, and by transporting Guests to a wonderful world of fun in a safe and clean environment. However our commitment to the quality of park facilities alone cannot spread happiness—it is the hospitality of Cast Members working at the Theme Parks that is an integral part of this experience.
Walt Disney once said: “You can dream, create, design and build the most wonderful place in the world, but it requires people to make the dream a reality.” We can build the most wonderful Theme Parks in the world, but that alone will not bring happiness to our Guests.
The hospitality offered by our Cast Members is exemplified by their attention to detail and service quality; it involves ascertaining and understanding the expectations of every single Guest, fulfilling those expectations and doing our utmost to provide services that exceed those expectations. The happiness we bring through our Theme Parks is based on the hospitality offered by our Cast Members; it springs from their desire to bring a smile to the faces of our Guests and to give them a happy experience.

Bringing Happiness to the Customers and Society

Happiness is a very important concept that is instilled in each and every one of the Cast Members working at Disney Theme Parks. The OLC Group places special emphasis on bringing happiness to our Guests and to the community in our approach to corporate social responsibility.
As we have shown in the way in which we have fulfilled the expectations of Theme Park Guests up to the present moment, bringing happiness to our Guests and to the community at large means to pay attention to the Guests’ concerns as well as to take into account the Guests’ social environment in the course of our business activities.
The OLC Group has always been attentive to the needs and voices of our Guests and society at large, as can be seen in our efforts to create a comfortable environment for all Guests, and product labeling that encourages Guests to be health-conscious.
Also, we believe that the happiness we offer to our Guests through our architecture, art, culture, history, film, music, and landscape, as well as through the hospitality of our Cast Members, brings smiles to their faces, nourishes their minds, and enriches their lives.
We will remain committed to bringing more happiness to our Guests and the community through business operations that address the social perspectives and needs of our Guests, including their diversifying values and increasing interest in environmental issues and various social matters.

Offering Guests from Overseas a Comfortable Time

Policies and Management Structures

Serving Guests from Overseas at our Theme Parks

Due to the diversification of guests from overseas visiting our Theme Park, under its 2020 Medium-Term Plan, Oriental Land Co., Ltd. upholds its core business strategy of strengthening measures to offer overseas Guests a more comfortable time at our Theme Parks. Specifically, we are pursuing a variety of initiatives to mitigate the inconvenience they may experience due to language and cultural differences.
In promoting the initiatives, the Overseas Guests Accommodation Subcommittee was established for advancing companywide measures. The subcommittee is composed of all departments engaged in Theme Park operations, and the CS Enhancement Group of the CS Enhancement Department and the Inbound Marketing Group of the Marketing & Communication Strategy Planning Department, Marketing Division, serve as its secretariat. The subcommittee holds monthly meetings managed by each department to assess the trends and needs of overseas Guests and implements concrete measures to better accommodate them, including introducing training programs to promote understanding of foreign cultures and the trends of overseas Guests.

Actions and Performances

Multilingual service at our Theme Parks

Tokyo Disney Resort

We redesigned our foreign language websites in May 2018 to make them just as informative as their Japanese counterpart. These foreign language websites now roughly mirror the Japanese version to help Cast Members better serve overseas Guests, even if they do not speak their language. In addition, in December 2016, we began offering online booking for Disney Hotels and purchase of Disney e-tickets and Tokyo Disney Resort Vacation Packages (official package deals) in Chinese (Traditional) as well as in Japanese and English.


Website in Korean
Website in Korean

Guest Service Tools Used at our Theme Parks

Tokyo Disney Resort

To allow our Cast Members to readily communicate with Guests from overseas, we have a variety of tools including booklets outlining the services offered at the Theme Parks and our requests for Guests, as well as a phone interpretation service. In August 2017, we additionally introduced a smartphone translation app to help us provide them with services finely attuned to their needs.
The booklet, which was revised in December 2018, now contains 979 fixed phrases using Theme Park terminology, an increase from 356 phrases. With the addition of new phrases, our Cast Members are now able to address division-specific needs and provide Guests with smooth guidance. The smartphone translation app has also been updated, allowing Cast Members to gain access to the fixed phrases on their app.
Furthermore, in December 2019, we started introducing hand-held language translation devices in phases to enable us to attend to Guests more efficiently than ever.

Smartphone translation app

Food Choices for Vegetarian Guests

Tokyo Disney Resort

We offer food choices for vegetarian Guests* at four restaurants at Tokyo Disneyland and Tokyo DisneySea, respectively, as of April 2020, as listed in the following webpages:

Tokyo Disneyland
Tokyo DisneySea

*The vegetarian dishes are made with egg and dairy products. They exclude meat and fish.

Our Commitment to the Well-being of Children: Menu Items

Tokyo Disney Resort

The Sherwood Garden Restaurant located in the Tokyo Disneyland Hotel offers vegetables prepared to cater to children’s tastes, such as vegetable bread, during lunch and dinner hours. The health-conscious selections of dishes for children allow even picky eaters to enjoy a fun and healthy meal, providing them with opportunities to learn about nutrition.

*Buffet menu varies by season.

Health-conscious menu at Tokyo Disneyland Hotel
Health-conscious menu at Tokyo Disneyland Hotel