Being Aware of Social Issues

The consumers’ sense of values is becoming increasingly diverse, as are the social issues that we must address. Corporations must adapt to changing issues and needs, and deliver value to society. 
As demographics change due to population aging and the declining birth rate, and the number of inbound tourists grows, we are seeing a rapid diversification in the needs of the Guests visiting our Theme Parks. The OLC Group must keep a close eye on the changing needs and grow sustainably while forging favorable relationships with Guests and the community.

OLC Group’s Approach

Focusing on the increasingly diverse needs of our Guests including families of various forms and visitors from abroad, we are determined to constantly deliver greater happiness to our customers and society at large through business activities that embody a broader social perspective.
Furthermore, we listen to what our Guests have to say and share it internally to make improvements across a broad spectrum of areas including safety, services and facilities.

Key initiatives