We have formulated the following action plan with the aim of improving the employment environment to help employees fully demonstrate their full potential and continue working with peace of mind and to advance concrete initiatives that allow them to balance work and childcare. 

Applicable period

October 1, 2020 to September 30, 2023 (three years)


Goal 1: To establish internal programs to help employees returning from childcare leave to continue working while raising their child.


The following measures are implemented to help employees balance work and childcare (depending on employment category)

April 2021-

Introduction of a consultation desk to support balanced work and childcare for all employees

April 2021-

Expansion of existing childcare support measures

Goal 2: To implement measures to enhance productivity (reduce overtime working hours)


October 2020‒

Improvement of office automation environment to enhance productivity

April 2021‒

Introduction of a work-from-home program