Being Aware of Social Issues

Given the decreasing working population, changing lifestyles, and diversifying work styles, companies critically need to strengthen their human resources for their long-term growth. To this end, companies need to maintain a broad perspective encompassing how to secure human resources, respect for human rights and diversity, employment, labor conditions, occupational health and safety, and human resources development. In our case, the OLC Group’s personnel are the source of the wonderful dreams, moving experiences, delight and contentment offered by the Group to society. If we are to continue providing these elements to many more Guests, a respectful and welcoming workplace environment ensures that our employees feel safe at work and can provide wonderful experiences to Guests. In addition, it is our belief that if each and every employee can continue productive work and achieving personal growth while creating value, they will not only become happier themselves, but also create happiness for Guests, enhance the value of the OLC Group, and eventually contribute to society.

OLC Group’s Approach

The OLC Group engages in a variety of initiatives in an effort to create and provide our employees with a solid platform for working, not only to improve our employees’ workplace environment so that they can continue to work in good physical and mental health as well as with peace of mind, but also to realize their full potential and help them work efficiently.
The OLC Group has a distinctive corporate culture whereby our employees find pleasure in other people’s happiness, and respect and praise one another. 
We believe that it is crucial for employees to understand, interact with, and support one another to enhance such a corporate culture, while gaining a tangible sense of personal growth and fulfillment in their work, thereby engaging in decent work that provides them with satisfaction in conditions ensuring human dignity.

*Decent work: Decent work, meaning work carried out in conditions ensuring human dignity and providing a sense of satisfaction, was adopted by the International Labour Conference (ILO) at its 87th Session in 1999 as a major goal for its activities in the 21st century.

Key initiatives