To provide recommendations on how to avoid using paper that may lead to deforestation when producing and procuring paper products, and to promote a shared understanding thereof.


All paper products used in the course of business

Ⅲ.Procurement policy

Paper that is not to be procured shall be determined autonomously, and procurement thereof shall be avoided as far as feasible:


  • Paper using illegally logged wood as raw material (wood from areas where logging is prohibited or of species logging of which is prohibited.)
  • Paper using wood from problematic areas (areas where illegal logging takes place often and other areas separately stipulated)


As a general rule, the following products should be selected:


  • Products of regular members of the Japan Paper Association, and products of companies that declare use of legally harvested timber raw materials
  • Recycled paper, FSC-certified paper, paper made from forest thinnings, etc.


Method of enforcement


  • Conduct a yearly examination of raw materials on separately defined paper products that are used in large quantities.
  • Explain the main points of the guidelines to and request compliance from suppliers half or more of whose products or containers/packaging are made of paper.
  • Conduct unscheduled inspections of products and lines of products that are deemed important.