Being Aware of Social Issues

Corporations are pressed to take more proactive actions to fulfill their social responsibility to address a range of environmental issues, including climate change resulting from global warming, as well as issues involving water resources, waste and biodiversity. Moreover, undertaking environmentally friendly business activities will help make corporations themselves more sustainable.

Our Theme Parks, which are visited by tens of millions of Guests each year, can be described as one large “city.” To ensure that our Guests can spend a comfortable time with peace of mind in this city, and to preserve and pass on the precious global environment to future generations while continuing to deliver happiness, the OLC Group must shoulder the responsibility to implement environmental activities in a sincere manner.

OLC Group’s Approach

In its Environmental Philosophy, the OLC Group upholds its commitment to working in harmony with the environment in all its businesses so that we may continue to offer wonderful dreams and moving experiences to future generations. In particular, in our efforts to mitigate the impact of climate change, we aim to reduce per-unit CO2 emissions by 1% each year on average from the FY 2016 level by FY 2020. Furthermore, we are also working to take adaptation measures in order to minimize the impact of rising temperatures on our Guests.

Key initiatives