Policies and Regulations

Our Policy on Community Action Programs

The OLC Group is involved in various community action programs as part of our ongoing efforts to be a good corporate citizen. As a corporation with a mission to offer wonderful dreams, moving experiences, delight and contentment, we expend considerable energy in activities that focus on the “heart,” placing emphasis on programs that nurture and support families and children who are an integral part of the services we provide. Particularly, we focus on community action programs for children.
In FY 2008, we developed the OLC Group Policy on Community Action Programs to clarify our position in this realm.

OLC Group Policy on Community Action Programs (Established August 2008)

The OLC Group seeks to engage in community action programs that focus on the positive development of children, our hope for the future, as a means of creating healthy and happy families, regions and communities.

○Programs fostering the positive development of children
 The OLC Group will support programs that “nurture the heart” in children to develop intellectual curiosity and consideration for others.

○Programs that support children
 The OLC Group will support programs that provide assistance to children who have been placed at a disadvantage for various reasons.

Actions and Performances

Programs to promote the positive development of children

Concerning our programs aimed at promoting the positive development of children, as part of our initiatives for the local community, we offer children living in Urayasu in Chiba Prefecture a range of fun learning experiences and proactively engage in activities that promote interchange with the local community. Since FY 2015, the OLC Group has been running the Disney Dreamers Experience program for fifth- and sixth-graders at elementary schools nationwide. Its participants are encouraged to have fun thinking about their dreams and are taught the importance of pursuing those dreams.

Programs to support children

Our other efforts to support children who are placed in difficult circumstances for various reasons include welfare activities, such as visits to related facilities, donations by employees and the company together, and making children’s wishes come true in partnership with the Make-A-Wish of Japan, a public interest incorporated foundation.

Expenditures Made for Community Programs

The chart below shows expenditures made for community programs by Oriental Land Co., Ltd. in FY2019.  





Cash contributions


In-kind giving: product or services donations, projects/partnerships or similar


Time: employee participation during paid working hours


Management overheads