Our Corporate Social Responsibility

Oriental Land Co., Ltd. was established in 1960 with the purpose of contributing to the cultural life of the nation and the welfare of Japanese citizens. Following this, efforts to attract the American Disneyland to Japan began, and in 1979, a license agreement was signed with Walt Disney Productions (as it was known at that time). Tokyo Disneyland then opened in 1983.
We have continued to spread happiness that cannot be found anywhere else throughout the community.
 The OLC Group has evolved from a Theme-Park operator to an operator of a themed resort and has expanded into other areas of the market, but our core value remains unchanged. We remain committed to “invigorating people's lives by offering magical dreams, moving experiences, delight and contentment” because “spreading happiness” is our guiding principle.
The corporate mission of our group is “based on free and fresh ideas, offering magical dreams, moving experiences, delight and contentment,” and we believe that by doing this, we are helping to create a future filled with dreams that enrich people's lives. As we see it, a sustainable society is one in which people are able to live spiritually fulfilling lives; a society that allows people to fill their hearts with magical dreams, moving experiences, delight and contentment.
Our approach to corporate social responsibility (CSR) is informed by the belief that a strong commitment to key issues will contribute to realizing such a society.


Stakeholder Engagement

At the OLC Group, we believe in the importance of direct dialogue with our customers, employees, shareholders and investors, corporate sponsors, vendor and suppliers, licensors and partners, collaborators, local communities and local governments, and we put this belief into practice in the course of our daily work.
 We also believe that it is important to identify potential issues from a CSR standpoint, and to address a wide range of social needs. To this end, we are gathering opinions voiced from various perspectives by CSR specialists and other experts, and are conducting yearly stakeholder surveys whose results are then reflected onto our activities and reporting.

Governance and Medium-Term Plan

The Social Activity Promotion Department is dedicated to promoting the OLC Group's corporate social responsibility (CSR) initiatives. The Social Activity Promotion Department is responsible for promoting CSR across the entire OLC Group by coordinating with existing committees such as the Environmental Action Committee, as well as with various departments and OLC-Group companies. In addition, each organization within the OLC Group has appointed a CSR staff member in order to effectively share information, facilitate mutual understanding and engage employees in social contribution activities.
 The OLC Group's CSR activities are guided by the OLC Group CSR Policy and the medium-term plan through FY 2016. We have identified our long-term vision as well as our priority initiatives and activity guidelines for the medium term for each of The Five Values. We have set targets for each fiscal year, and are working toward these targets. During the current term, in addition to promoting CSR activities in our Theme-Park business, we have also been issuing materials on CSR to our employees and have been working on further advancing environmental management.
 We are engaged in ongoing activities to raise awareness among our employees, which include publishing a webzine describing examples of CSR in simple terms and in-house fairs where our initiatives are the subject of panel discussions.
 By measuring ourselves against the ISO26000, which is the first international standard for how businesses and organizations can operate in a socially responsible way, the OLC Group has assessed the challenges we face today and the efforts to be undertaken in the future as they pertain to CSR. We have also identified the areas we must address in the mid- to long-term. The issues we uncovered will be incorporated into future medium-term plans. We will continue to seek the opinion of our stakeholders, come up with different ways to fulfill our CSR, and establish new goals.