Actions and Performances

Employment of people with Disabilities

OLC actively employs individuals with disabilities, primarily at our special subsidiary Maihama Corporation Co., Ltd. Employees with disabilities represent 2.30% (as of June 1, 2019), which is greater than the legally prescribed rate of 2.2%. In FY 2015, we received the Prize Awarded for Effort by President of Japan Organization for Employment of the Elderly, Persons with Disabilities and Job Seekers (as an outstanding employer of persons with disabilities). This prize is awarded to businesses that are proactive in employing persons with disabilities, thus promoting their hiring and job stability prospects.
At Maihama Corporation, employees are doing various jobs, including cultivating plants that adorn our Theme Parks, preparing linens used in Theme Parks restaurants, making and affixing price tags for Theme Parks merchandise, cleaning of 3D glasses and handling of lost-and-found items. Additionally we are actively expanding the range of jobs for our disabled employees within the OLC Group. We respect the rights of persons with disabilities to enjoy their lives while finding support to become more independent. We have developed facilities and support programs that accommodate the needs of employees with disabilities in order to create a positive, productive and successful work environment for everyone.

Percentage of employees with disabilities

As of June 2016 As of June 2017 As of June 2018 As of June 2019
2.22% 2.38% 2.29% 2.30%

Jobs at Maihama Corporation


Primary duties

Mail services

Affixing of commemorative stamps on outgoing mail deposited at the Theme Parks; collection and sorting of OLC Group companies’ internal and external mail; sending external mail

Linen service

Folding of linens used at Theme Parks restaurants

Price tags on Products

Preparation and affixing of price tags on products sold at the Theme Parks


Cleaning and ironing of costumes, etc., used at the Theme Parks

Lost and Found Center

Handling of lost and found items at the Theme Parks

3D glasses cleaning

Cleaning of 3D glasses used at the Theme Parks

CK support

Dishwashing duties, etc., at the Central Kitchen


Cultivation of flowers for Theme Parks

Farm support

Cultivation of tomatoes to be served at the Theme Parks


Barber service (for employees)


Massage service (for employees)

Caring for flower seedlings
Caring for flower seedlings