Kyoichiro Uenishi
Representative Director,

President and COO

Looking Back on FY 2018

In FY 2018, Tokyo Disneyland and Tokyo DisneySea welcomed a total of 32.56 million Guests, which is a new record high.
This can be mainly attributed to the successful events we held throughout the year for the Tokyo Disney Resort 35th “Happiest Celebration!.” In addition, efforts to enhance the experience value of both Theme Parks bore fruit. This included a variety of new content such as the new daytime parade Dreaming Up!, the new nighttime spectacular Celebrate! Tokyo Disneyland and an enhanced version of “it’s a small world “as well as innovation of themes for certain special seasonal events.
From a financial perspective, we set record highs for revenues, operating income, ordinary income and net income attributable to owners of parent as a result of a record high number of Theme Park Guests.
Even though we welcomed such a high number of Guests to our Theme Parks, we still managed to maintain the same high level of Guest satisfaction as other years. The year also saw us make steady progress toward our 2020 Medium-Term Plan goal to “consistently provide a highly satisfying Theme Park experience” and we gained much confidence as we sought to drive further growth in our Theme Parks.

FY 2018 CSR Topics

As an initiative deeply relevant to our pursuit of “Dynamic and inspiring workplace” upheld as one of the Five Values constituting our CSR Policy, we are strengthening our non-structural aspects (human resources), which is one of the strategies of our 2020 Medium-Term Plan. Specifically, we are working to enhance the operational capabilities of Cast Members and the hospitality we provide by implementing measures to create a comfortable workplace and enable people to gain a tangible sense of personal growth.    
Taking the opportunity of the 35th anniversary of Tokyo Disney Resort in FY 2018, we re-examined the way we approach hospitality. In the past, we asked Cast Members to ensure that they provided service to all Guests equally, but now our aim is for Cast Members to take the initiative and provide services more in line with the needs of individual Guests. To achieve this, we have introduced a new service training program to change the mindset of Cast Members and introduced a certification system. The 35th anniversary events attracted a high volume of Guests, but our Cast Members continued to receive numerous compliments which demonstrated their high level of Guest service.
We are also implementing a new system aimed at promoting a comfortable workplace. In February 2019, we announced to introduce Theme Park operational positions under a new employment classification, with our sights set on 2020 and beyond. The new category is for employees specializing in Theme Park operation, and aims to retain Cast Members with exceptional hospitality skills while offering them a sense of security.
As part of our commitment to “Our Guests and the Community” constituting our CSR Policy, we implemented a donation program named Smiles for Tomorrow (see link for further detail) during the 2018 Christmas season in commemoration of the 35th anniversary of Tokyo Disney Resort. The donated money was used to deliver supplies to children of developing countries around the world through the UNICEF Inspired Gifts.


Based on our corporate mission to provide dreams, moving experiences, happiness and contentment, over the years the OLC Group has implemented CSR activities aimed at realizing a society in which people can live spiritually fulfilling lives and have a future with dreams. Our Theme Park business requires a lot of energy and human resources, so to achieve long-term, sustainable business activities, it is necessary to engage in management that considers CSR as well as the environment, society and corporate governance (ESG). With a view to providing our unique values, namely, magical dreams, moving experiences, happiness and contentment over the next 50 years, or even 100 years, we are determined to strive to achieve long-term, sustainable growth while emphasizing CSR and ESG perspectives.