Five main areas of corporate social responsibility

Overview of the OLC Group

OLC Group Business

Oriental Land is in the business of filling hearts with energy and happiness by operating Theme Parks, hotels, and other businesses.

OLC Group Business Segments

Segment Company Overview Facility
Theme Parks Oriental Land Co., Ltd. Operation and management of Theme Parks Tokyo Disneyland®
Tokyo DisneySea®
Maihama Corporation Co., Ltd. Office work, massage business
PHOTOWORKS CO., LTD. Photography services
DESIGN FACTORY CO., LTD. Planning, designing, and creating promotional material
Resort Costuming Services Co., Ltd. Costume rental and cleaning
MBM Co., Ltd. Cleaning and security
M TECH Co., Ltd. Theme Parks maintenance
Hotels Milial Resort Hotels Co., Ltd. Hotel operation and management Disney Ambassador® Hotel
Tokyo DisneySea® Hotel MiraCosta
Tokyo Disneyland® Hotel
Brighton Corporation Kyoto Brighton Hotel
Urayasu Brighton Hotel
Hotel Brighton City Kyoto Yamashina
Hotel Brighton City Osaka Kitahama
Palm & Fountain
Other businesses Oriental Land Co., Ltd. Management and operation of Maihama Amphitheater Maihama Amphitheater
SPIARI CO., LTD. Operation and management of Ikspiari Ikspiari
Maihama Resort Line Co., Ltd. Monorail operation and management Disney Resort Line
GREEN AND ARTS Co., LTD Garden and plant maintenance  
Bay Food Services Co., Ltd. Operation of employee cafeterias  
  • *As of September 1, 2015

The following businesses are operated under a licensing agreement with Disney Enterprises Inc.

Disney Theme Parks Disney hotels Other facilities
Tokyo Disneyland®
Tokyo DisneySea®
Disney Ambassador® Hotel
Tokyo DisneySea Hotel MiraCosta®
Tokyo Disneyland® Hotel
Disney Resort Line
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