Policies and Regulations

OLC Group Policy on Community Action Programs (Established August 2008)

The OLC Group seeks to engage in community action programs that focus on the positive development of children—our hope for the future—as a means of creating healthy and happy families, regions and communities.


○Programs fostering the positive development of children
 The OLC Group will support programs that “nurture the heart” in children with a view to developing intellectual curiosity and consideration for others.


○Programs that support children
 The OLC Group will support programs that provide assistance to children who have been placed at a disadvantage for various reasons.

Actions and Performances

As a corporation that offers magical dreams, moving experiences, delight and contentment, the OLC Group engages in activities aimed at nurturing and supporting families, which are an integral part of our business, and particularly children, who represent our future.

Programs to Promote the Positive Development of Children
Disney Dreamers Experience

Tokyo Disney Resort's

The Disney Dreamers Experience, a program that started in 2015 for fifth- and sixth-graders at elementary school, aims to provide participants with an enjoyable opportunity to interact and share experiences with inspirational Cast Members—who are themselves driven by an unwavering commitment to their dreams—and to think about their own aspirations.
During FY 2018, the program was held five times—in June, July, August and December 2018 and January 2019—for a total of 117 children nationwide.
The children’s comments included, “It was great to have an opportunity to think about realizing my dream,” and the parents offered feedback such as, “My son seems to have gained a solid understanding of what he needs to do to achieve his dream,” and “My daughter’s eyes were shining with enthusiasm in the hope of experiencing many things to find her own dream.”

Disney Dreamers Experience - helping children broaden their horizons
Disney Dreamers Experience - helping children broaden their horizons

Programs to Support Children
The OLC Group Children’s Smile Fund

In July 2010, the OLC Group established the Children’s Smile Fund, a community action program focused on helping children, who are integral to our business. Through this program, we act upon the OLC Group’s Policy on Community Action Programs and do our part in supporting children who face various hardships and challenges.


With this fund, we collect charitable contributions that are made by our employees on a voluntary basis either as a fraction (of 99 yen or less) of their monthly pay checks or bonuses or as an optional number of 100-yen units. The employees who contribute are asked to select a group to receive their donations from five designated charities.


The collected funds are donated to the selected charities twice a year, at which time Oriental Land will match the contributions made by our employees and donate a matching gift to each of our chosen charities, so that, by acting with our employees, we can help children in need throughout the world.

Leaflet on the OLC Group’s Children’s Smile Fund
Leaflet on the OLC Group’s Children’s Smile Fund

Designated charities and areas of support:

Designated charities

Areas of support:

The Japan Committee for UNICEF

Support for water and hygiene

Save the Children Japan

Support for education

Japan Association for the World Food Programme

Support for school lunch programs

Japan Committee Vaccines for the World’s Children

Support for vaccinations

Medecins Sans Frontieres

Support for nutritional improvement

Programs to Support Children
Socials Activities of Tokyo Disney Resort Ambassador

Tokyo Disney Resort's

We send our Tokyo Disney Resort Ambassador, accompanied by various Disney characters, to visit facilities throughout the country, including pediatric wards, facilities for people with disabilities, special needs schools and nursing homes, to deliver the “Disney Dream” to those who find it difficult to visit Tokyo Disney Resort. This program has been ongoing since 1982, before Tokyo Disneyland opened. In FY 2018, visits were made to 59 facilities. 

Number of facilities visited

FY 2015 FY 2016 FY 2017 FY 2018
24 26 41 59
The 2019‒2020 Tokyo Disney Resort Ambassador, <br/>Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse spread smiles.
The 2019‒2020 Tokyo Disney Resort Ambassador,
Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse spread smiles.

Programs to Support Children
Helping Make Dreams of Children with Rare Disease Come True (in Cooperation with Make-A-Wish of Japan)

Tokyo Disney Resort's

Since 2012, as part of our “CSR activities to support children,” the OLC Group has been working with Make-A-Wish of Japan, and has made Theme Parks tickets and hotel accommodations available in an effort to help realize the dreams of children with rare disease, such as “I want to visit the Theme Parks” and “I want to stay at the Disney Hotel.”.

Number of dreams supported

FY 2015 FY 2016 FY 2017 FY 2018
74 77 78 88
Letters from the children
Letters from the children